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Young Gully  YHTM Booking 4 Young Gully: Younggully12@gmail.com Subscribe to my VEVO. New video out now. Link in bio.


...But y'all don't wanna hear this. We too busy being divided. Not seeing our own flaws but pointing out everyone else's. From other skin colors to the same skin colors. Division. We all go about shit different but people starting to act like we supposed to all be the same. Try understanding 1 another before you judge each other. Then you can RESPECT each other. Or at least agree to disagree.

S/O my East Coast brotha @tharealjhood for putting me on his album. That thang drop Sept 29th. Same day as my dawg @tayoffthetop bday! We gotta song wit me him and Razor from OBH(AR-AB camp) on it. Y'all mark that date. πŸ’―

When you feel it comin and everything around you starts to shine just a little bit harder: That's when you know. Something bigger than even I expected is about to happen for the kid and everybody around me.

Important talk @popskdm #YHTM #GTEAM #KDM big respect to this man. πŸ’―

I don't personally know homie but I heard his music just scrolling thru shit. A couple of people I do know posted his video and homie got it. I'm ALWAYS 1 to show love and give credit where it's due because it don't hurt me 1 bit. Salute to @_sailo check for bruh he got a nice sound.

I have a question for everybody that is not meant for you to give ME an answer to but to give YOURSELF an answer to. Why do you need somebody to tell you that you're somebody? I can guess a lot of your answers...because you don't know.

Ima end my night off wit this because it fits so well wit where I'm at right now. I done almost got calls and apologies from every person that tried to do me wrong. I proved HELLA people wrong. And I already had a bag I just be playin it off. So this time around lets not talk favors. Talk some chicken to me. I can't cash apologies in. Niggas ain't doin the numbers I'm doin without no industry help or backing. Niggas dont even wanna give me contacts or connects but wanna act like it's love. But I just went and got em myself. And I still want unity. Because it's a bigger picture end of the day.

Gully talk that shit. Klef talk that shit. Oakland to Nigeria album coming soon. Basically a best of both words. Stay original so you dont have to steal ideas. Who else gont talk to em like this???

Mood for the rest of the year: "When I speak English you say you no understand me...I dont give a fuck if you understand me. I speak whatever I want." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ REALEST out and ain't even tryna be. #SANPEDROSULA Deluxe out now.

Dope ass animated clip done by @moodtrix this is fire!!! Salute to you homie. @ellahmusik x @xaibeats #CantRelate out now! Link in Xai bio! @empire @ghazi

Me and @ellahmusik new single "Can't Relate" produced by @xaibeats just dropped. Shit is fire. Go to Xai bio link and get a dose. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’― @empire @ghazi

If you pay close attention to the way the Oakland rap scene is: It's a lot of gripping and clawing to be on top. It's a lot of hatred and a lack of happiness from 1 Oakland artist to another when it comes to seeing each other succeed. I'm most definitely here to change that. So Im talking to ALL ESTABLISHED Oakland artists. If y'all wanna win like y'all say yall do then stop downplaying each other and start working together. The only thing stopping us as a whole is US. Now that I got a platform I know exactly what I'm tryna do with it. Put that BULLSHIT to the side. You niggas be out here tryna destroy each other. And y'all LITERALLY be mad for NOTHIN. If y'all all got the right answer then please tell me why the results haven't come in? Especially to all these niggas talkin bout we need to stop this and stop that. Stop talking about it and act on it.

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