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Young Gully  YHTM: New song Energy 2017 out now! Booking 4 Young Gully:

I got a song on my new album called "Fuck this World Up". Top 3 greatest songs I've ever made M.O. It's about how our own contradictions can destroy this world even more than Donald Trump can. Even more than terrorists. Even more than the devil himself. Like how the main people who say stop the violence most likely carry a firearm. Like how when we protest we will destroy our own city without realizing the irony in us destroying the same thing we are trying to save. Like how I tell someone else to tell the truth just to lie to them right after. Like how we want our mates to be faithful just to turn around and cheat on them after. Like how we laugh at someones tears then turn around and cry when it happens to us. That mindset could fuck up the world more than anything else we think is fucking it up already. But I guess being human is a flaw in itself sometimes ain't it? My album is coming soon. I think y'all gont enjoy it. Even if this makes you take my idea I dont think it'll be as heartfelt as mines lol. Stay tuned. GM. Sorry for the paragraphs. When you on the toilet you think a lot. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #SANPEDROSULA

So me and this legend right here got a track comin. Shout out Wax Roof 4 putting this together. πŸ˜†βœŒπŸ’―My album comin.

I got a few things to say. First to the team: Let nobody seperate our brotherhood. Let nobody ruin what we built. To my bro Scott Kaminski: Thankyou for helping me create my sound album after album with your ear and attention to detail with mixing and mastering my albums. We got another 1. TOTT: Since KNEE HIGHS!!! IT DON'T STOP!!! Keep it lit. Birch Boy Barie: It's right or wrong forever. Never let em destroy what we built. King to King! Peep the New YHTM logo in the slides. Matt Rudley: Thankyou for helping me stay on point with my business and legal shit and more important than that being a LOYAL FRIEND. No matter what you had my back like a brother now you my go to lawyer. And lastly Mozzy and Celly Ru: I aint gont hold y'all accountable for what ya mans said. Keep shining and no matter what it is wit yall...I love seeing other black men from the struggle win. I dont switch up on nobody. Ima stand up nigga. πŸ’― Ima lead by example. #YHTM #GTEAM Ima show niggas how to be real this Summer. My new album comin. Leaders never follow.

Man I just heard a bunch of good news. God great. I was just told I accumulated 2 million plays/streams on Spotify. Also the Candy Remix just got played on KMEL the other night!!! and we gont do the video too. I did all this with no outside help man. No pub either. All I ever wanted was a chance from people to show em I'm capable but I ain't quit when they aint give me that. Hard work pays off. Thankyou to the gang YHTM/GTEAM. My new album and a new visual is coming soon. It almost felt like my region was overlooking me. But I see its a lot of people from all over the world listening and I'm grateful. Fuck the youtube views man. I did that shit organically. I want this shit. So if y'all reading this. I wanna be bigger than this music shit. I'm living proof that if you keep working no matter who turn they back you can still win. Amen. How am I still not getting booked for the biggest shows out here??? Lmk what the problem is.

Idk man. Shit be crazy. On 1 side all of Northern California need to be rocking together musically and business-wise (meaning our big name artists) to dominate and bring more revenue to our side. On the other side the bay be against the bay in so many ways that it's almost good to see us all ride for one cause when we get disrespected. I wish we wouldn't think so small tho and do that all the time when it comes to bigger problems and foes. As a WHOLE tho. We gotta get over these petty problems out here and get to the bag. We always look like we at the bottom of the totem pole to these other major REGIONS for this reason. And we let everybody else come here to get full off us (No hate just truth) and I don't blame niggas for it. I aint saying we gotta be buddy buddy. But we gotta start thinking about clocking bigger revenue TOGETHER as a region. We a long way from them golden era days. That time made a lotta Nothern Cali artists rich. If it's about progression everybody gotta put that pride down. Just thinking out loud. But fuck it don't listen to Gully. New album coming soon.

I got people in Africa and all over hitting me up anticipating my album. I'm movin harder than people think. I want this shit at a HIGH LEVEL. #SANPEDROSULA Coming. Blessed.

Stand for something. This rollie wouldn't mean shit if a fuck nigga was attached to it. Give and you shall receive. New album coming soon. Best album I ever made. @lubnks

San Pedro Sula and San Pedro Sula Deluxe album covers. Drop a πŸ’― if you want the release dates for the video and album. #YHTM #GTEAM

You about to see me in a new light this Summer. The light I been looking for. I finally feel like I've mastered a sound that's different from everything you have heard from me or anyone else. If people think I've dropped classics in the past then this album is a masterpiece. It's worth the views. Its worth the purchase. It's worth the listen. Its better than ANYTHING I've ever put my voice on. #SANPEDROSULA

Keep that smile shining bright. Real niggas smile too. For all the times we couldn't. My new album coming soon. New visuals soon. #YHTM #GTEAM

Much love to the youth and to this program for having me come and speak for you guys. It's a blessing to be a blessing. Scroll thru to see everything. S/O @lubnks for the photography. This was special and we will be getting together to throw more events in the future. LOVE. The youth is the future. @sjdigitalarts

Aye y'all the album coming! But y'all gotta tag my mans @directorcassiusking and tell him HURRY UP! and finish this. Drop a πŸ‘€ emoji by his name in my comments. @davoicedt x #AyJayBeats #YHTM

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