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Young Gully  YHTM Booking 4 Young Gully:

Today is the 2 year anniversary of David 2 w/ @djfreshdjfreshdjfresh I changed the game by being the 1st to turn the Tonite Shows into a different experience for listeners. Me and Fresh made history with these and both 1 and 2 charted.

I hold a sense of responsibility for any person Im around. So if Im next to em then Im ridin for em 100% no matter what. Thats sumn you can count on. I dont stand next to no man based on how good it looks for me. I really stand on my word. Hopefully when it comes to me they do the same. Thats real loyalty. And the business we handle wit each other is between us. It dont get repeated.

To the young kings I hope I leave yall wit enough game to be the greatest you can be. Its ok to believe in sumn greater than the streets you come from. S/O my lil nephews Amir and Jhamon.

I hope everybody figure out what they wanna do in life and go for that shit and stop lettin beef differences and fears stop em from it. I wanna see everybody win. Yo hustle gont determine where you land. Not these hoes, not these haters, none of that fuck shit even matter. Im so tunnel vision its a shame. So if you feel a way about me I dont even care.

My bro @razorobh droppin in July. Im on that thang. Stay tuned in. S/O to OBH.

Fucked up situation. But yall still got a real nigga in me.

I finally put myself in a good position once again. No matter what came a nigga way I stayed focused on my goal and that bag. All I can say is stay tuned. 💯💯 That lil nigga from 55 back in it.

Now yall see why Gully dont rock wit everybody. Too many rats. Too many rap niggas actin like they realer than they are. Too much hate for one another. Too many niggas thinkin money make em real. But this the year all the real 1s rise and all that fake shit come to the light. Ima get it right off pure hustle and determination. Being as solid as I said I would be. 💯💯🙏. Salute the REAL.

Just because you dont know what I did dont mean I aint do it. Earned my stripes a long time ago thats why so many respect me. Real stand up niggas raised me. So dont nobody need to tell me how to live. Niggas constantly be judgin my life and dont even know who the fuck they really speakin on. But I was taught to stay quiet about everything. You wouldnt know the half of how many people I fed nor how many people still alive because of me. So if you not contributing to my situation in anyway please stop worrying about my situation.

YH FAMILIA. S/O all the real 1s showin love. #YHTM @keddemuzik @keddekartoonz

I wish shit wasnt so divided or 1 sided. I wish fear wasnt stronger than love. I wish all street niggas could see each others struggles just to realize how they all the same. End of the day tho Im either gont be labeled bold, stupid, or sharp as fuck for doin the shit a lotta these leaders scared to do. But thats what Ima leader for. A real leader aint afraid to die for what they feel they can change. How much heart you got in you? This shit deeper than rap. But its deeper than these streets too.

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