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Young Gully  YHTM Booking 4 Young Gully: Younggully12@gmail.com Subscribe to my VEVO. New Video "Sound of That" Out Now. Link in Bio. Watch it!


Tag KMEL ASAP I need like 100 tags to show em how we rockin. I keep gettin shouted out salute my big bro G Biz. My video Sound of That gont be on KMEL.com soon. #SANPEDROSULA out now!!!

2 lit events coming up. Pink Dolphin Fridays TOMMOROW. Level 13. July 16th Oak Park in Stockton wit Quinn and Black C (Daytime event 12pm-8pm). Y'all know where to be. #SANPEDROSULA out now!

3 best quotes I saw today. Had to #RP all this shit boy cus these are 3 things mfs have the hardest time getting. And PLEASE don't let the internet rush you. Half these PEOPLE ain't really got it figured out like that believe me. You got time. #SANPEDROSULA out now!!! #YHTM #GTEAM P.S. A LOT of niggas that say they got it out the mud didn't really do it like that no hate cus ain't nothing wrong with that. Just tellin some of y'all niggas that's out here taking hella dumb ass risks thinking that's what they did. Be aware.

My newest video Sound of That just got picked up for tonight's Artist Spotlight on KMEL.COM salute my bro G Biz. It'll be up on the site around 2am. 💯💯💯💯 2 all my supporters and fuck the fake 1s. #YHTM #GTEAM #SANPEDROSULA out now. Video link in bio. Mood Music video out now too!

Friday you know where to be.

If you ain't slappin my shit then figure out what you doin wrong! #SANPEDROSULA #YHTM #GTEAM

Period. Getting to my own bag. #SANPEDROSULA out now!

Me and @hillsidequis just dropped Mac Sauce on @thethizzler New song off the #SANPEDROSULA album. Also we starting the #MACSAUCE challenge. Pull up on a bad 1 drippin on her. Show off yo whips chains watches or yo cheese if you got the juice or whatever you call fly on that SAUCE BAE hype and hashtag #macsaucechallenge Slap this while you doin it! #YHTM #GTEAM Ladies y'all can do it too.

4 new songs (2 audios 2 videos) on my Vevo and @thethizzler Go slap them. #SANPEDROSULA out now. #YHTM #GTEAM Sound of that video is out now too.

Link in bio.

Pull up Friday June 23rd. #SANPEDROSULA out now.

My phone went from not ringing at all to blowing up and I thank God for that. But to anybody tryna build plays with me I only ask 1 thing...Take me serious and be about that bag. Or leave me the fuck alone. You want a verse? You want a role? You want a show? I ain't humble about that. More shrewd. So pay me what I want or watch out. Period.

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