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I am just not a winter person(Who is a winter person anyway?) and surely not a whiskey person.
She made me the best winter tea with some whiskey and I suddenly became a winter person and a whiskey person.🤗
She also took some pictures of me but we already know that I am a camera person, not a new thing.😂 @duygubing
#neversaynever #friendsarejewel #winterlove #teaandwhiskey #classyafternoon

Energic?Come oon it's 5 degrees and it's new!It's been raining for days and it's officially Winter as of today:Hello December!
Our practise changes with seasons for sure, I myself need a lot of joint warm ups before I start these days.Come join me tomorrow at 14:00 @yogasalaistanbul
Nisantasi for a Hatha session and there will be a lot of joint warm ups and we certainly need some core work to survive this Winter all together.It's ok, we are in this together,it will pass!😂🤣💫
#yogasalaistanbul #winteryoga #1stofdecember #yogajournal #practise #yoga

Ok.How many of you know this smile?This "my stuff stucked at the customs for no reason"smile."I am rotten inside but it's ok" smile.This fake,ugly,hiding but actually failing hard at hiding smile? This 3rd World Country citizen smile?
#oneofthosedays #fakesmile #rotten

I know it is just an ordinary view if you are in Bali but when you are back home they turn into something else.You appreciate that beautiful landscape and people in a different way and feel gratitude for getting to know them.I miss Bali today.Good times @naguish
.#beautifulcliches #bali #womenofbali #ubud #palmtrees

Good morning lovers,
See you at @yogasalaistanbul
Nisantasi tomorrow at 14:00.
I have something for you for these "hard to get used to" colder days. 📽:@drynn 🎵:@oceanvsorientalis
#yogasalaistanbul #yogaeverywhere #morningmist #morningpractise #riseandshine #practise #meditate #yogateacher

My endless longing to quietness is of course related to my endless longing to nature.When it is quiet, you have a better chance to feel the nature.Feeling its harmony and beauty gives you a chance to feel your own essence,finding ease in your own presence as it is.
And it is vice versa...When you are in nature and you can really see how magical it is then it brings a certain quietness to the mind.You feel small.Small but content.How precious are those moments...All I can feel is my breath, my being and gratitude.

Coming back from nature, ready to teach a Hafta class tomorrow at 14:00 @yogasalaistanbul Nisantasi.
Hope to see some of you there.
#morningbliss # gratitude #yoga #yogaeveryday #loveandlight #yogasalaistanbul #hatha #naturelovers #nature
📸: @drynn

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