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Guita Confesor  Miggy❤️ Sabrina ❤ Samantha ❤ Thomas ❤️

When i told them “Kiss your sister”🤣 Twins🤷🏻‍♀️ #sabsamconfy

Goodbye Facetime!♥️ Cant wait to hug and kiss you guys tom!!! I miss my babies!!!♥️♥️♥️ #sabsamconfy

♥️ Thomas Immanuel! 😘 I love you!😊 #mrtomacci

Ninang💜 #mrtomacci

Perth♥️ #mrtomacci #rileyharlow

💜 I love you Rileypoo!!! Honored to be your Ninang! #rileyharlow

Happy birthday Dad. I wish I was able to share the life i have now and the joy my kids bring to me with you... now i understand. I love you for everything you tried to teach us, for everything you did for us. I miss you more and i love you even more.♥️ 22 years wasn’t enough... #papang81

Your apos wish you happy birthday😔 i love you dad!!! Wish you were still here with us♥️ i miss you forever! #papang81

Puppies for days😂 #sabsamconfy

Excited for the weekend!💛 #momzillaphatcenturycitymall #momzillaph