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Mary Caylor  By day a cook, by night a guitarist and a saxophonist and a soccer player who proudly wear's the number 88

Dear @amazon,
This is why you’re the worst... and yes. I have the full matching bed set in my cart, right now. Including the sweet throw with all the Deadpool’s on it.
Deadpool 😂 #DeadpoolProblems

That moment when SC is not your Crew cat and the Scottish woman woman has no idea why... but you love her anyways.

Small wins of the day? When I purchased this jersey it fit... but just barely and I never wore it. Literally everyone complained about the “Slim fit” for the #SaveTheCrew jersey... I saw it as a gym goal. I haven’t lost weight... but hey! She fits. And she fits beautifully! #GymGoalsCrushed #WhatSprainedBack? #Weightlifter #SaveTheCrew #SoccerLife #KillinIt

Iam literally the only person excited for a disco version of Star Wars... and I’m not even a Star Wars nut. 😂

Serious post for all of two seconds.
I don’t know who’s luckier to have who! I remember him running the neighborhood... I remember looking into those big brown eyes and falling in love. Little did I know that the unwanted neighborhood stray would become my best of friend. Little did I know the big fluff ball would greet me everyday, no matter what kind of day I’ve had, with a massive smile of his own and his goofiness puts a smile on my face. He’s my cuddle buddy, my foot warmer and my protector. He maybe be a big baby... but he’s mine. He rescued us. He found us. We didn’t find him... all we did was give him a good home and bacon strips. #PuppyLove #DogsOfInstagram #ILikeBigMuttsAndICannotLie

Meet Brutus Scoobert Doo... I give you his “give me bacon strips” face.
Like mother? Like fur baby? 😂

How does one spend a Tuesday evening? Jamming to some MJ, Bob Marley and Pink!

Deadpooling it with a deer... photo by our lovely Scott, Margaret.

My grandma and grandpa... they set relationship goals! 😘 love and miss grandpa everyday.

😍 my grandma and grandpa

I got your throwback... senior year ID. The things you find in a box 😂

No officers, Scottish or American, was harmed in the taking of this photo... although Margaret may have asked to see their handcuffs 😂😂

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