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Jannine Myers  🌱 Indulge without guilt 🌱 Auckland, New Zealand ~ Eat less from a box & more from the Earth ~ 👇🏼 For women's running, health and well-being

Ever had to deal with some sort of training fear? If so, then check out my latest post 😊 #facefearsheadon #getbackonyourbike #gettingovertrainingfear #trainsmart

The last of my mini Mother’s Day posts and without reading it you won’t really get what the picture is about.

Number two of my mini Mother’s Day posts; this one is for mothers of young kids, and especially those who want to stay active but struggle to find the time - #fitmums #howtoexercisewithyoungkids #mumsandmentalwellbeing #mumskeepingfit #stayingfitwithyoungkids

The first of three mini Mothers Day posts - check it out on my blog: #mothersday #mothersdaylove #mumsandmentalwellbeing #taketimeout #taketimeforyou #workhardbuthavefun #mothersneedabreaktoo

“Why can’t we simply practice good old fashioned restraint and discipline; do everything in earnest and with a genuine good effort, and leave a little room for playing, enjoying, indulging, relaxing…….. “ Read the rest at #saynotoextremedietsandexercise #qualityinsteadofquantity #everythinginmoderation #alittledisciplinegoesalongway

As usual, at the end of every week I get a little manic about any leftover perishable foods in the fridge and pantry. One thing I really can’t tolerate is throwing food away! So, this afternoon, I had to find a way to use up some tomatoes, a few eggs, and some fresh coriander. I decided to go with a popular Mediterranean dish called Shakshukah, which is simply eggs cooked in a rich and flavourful tomato sauce. We ate this for lunch today, and it was delicious! Have it with toast, or a warm crusty breadroll……so good!!! 😍😋 Recipe below 👌🏽

I heard on the radio last week that a typical slice of cream cheese frosted carrot cake has as many as 854 calories and a whopping 47g of fat. I say “go for it,” if that’s your all-time favourite cake, but here’s a massively slimmed-down version for those of you who who’d prefer to pass on the extra fat and calories. #lemonglazedhealthycarrotcake You can find the recipe on my blog at the following link: #betterforyoucarrotcake

Feijoa-Choc Crumble-Top Muffins (GF and DF) ☺️ – feijoas are EVERYWHERE right now! You don’t even have to buy them; just grab a bag, go for a long neighbourhood walk and I guarantee you’ll find fallen feijoas at the edge of fence-lines, on peoples’ driveways, and even on the footpath! Heck, even if you snagged a few from peoples’ yards I doubt they’d care; you’d probably be doing them a favour! Once you’ve got your stash, get busy and creative in the kitchen. For some reason, my mind drifted off recently to childhood memories of making apple crumble in the kitchen with my mother, and it was that memory that inspired this Feijoa-Choc Crumble-Top Muffin 💚 Recipe in comments below ☺️

For a simple bread recipe that doesn’t contain any added preservatives (and can be eaten by those of you with dairy and/or gluten restrictions), try this easy-to-make 3-ingredient white bread recipe. You can find the recipe on my blog #3ingredientbread #breadwithoutchemicals #chemicalfreebread #GF/DFeasybread #makeyourownbread #simpleandsafebreadrecipe #glutenanddairyfreebread #veganbreadrecipe #gfbreadrecipe

This time 4 years ago, I ran the Boston Marathon for the first time. Two years prior to that, I remember sitting in a coaching workshop in Portland, Oregon, and discovering, that on average, only 12% of all marathon runners go on to qualify for Boston! That number astounded me! And that’s when I knew I wanted to be one of the “12-percenters.” I wasn’t being cocky or naïve; I didn’t assume that it would be an easy challenge, but I also didn’t doubt that with the right type of training and discipline that I would eventually qualify.

If you really want to do something, move from thinking and talking, to actually DOING! And then be prepared to REPEATEDLY keep doing, because you WILL encounter setbacks and disappointments along the way, and you'll need to have the resilience to keep persevering! #motivationnothingwithoutaction #reachgoalsonestepatatime #notimpossible #focusandperseverance #goalsneedaplan #anythingworthitishard #turnsetbacksintocomebacks #beconsistentorbegonealready #hardworkpaysoffs

Training for your first marathon? Here are a few beginner’s tips for you: #tipsforfirstmarathon #beginnermarathontips #firstmarathon #hammernutritionnews #hammernutrition #trainsmartfirstmarathon

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