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Guido van Helten

We visited Mr Estes at his house down the road from @stlukescommunityhouse where he volunteers his time working with Elderly groups from the area. 'He's a hit with the local ladies' they told me, but In his eyes he's still married even if she isn't around any longer and wears his wedding ring proudly. Mr Estes became the subject in my mural with @nashvillewallsproject

Here he showed me his flower garden out back of the house he has lived in since returning from the service in the 1950's. Mr Estes of the Nations in Nashville, Tennessee -May 2017

A calm before the storm moment on my way into Nashville... at the Natchez Trace State Park, Tennessee - May 2017

Light came in from the windows around the roof of the gymnasium where I took her photograph at the community dinner at St Luke's Community House. Charmaine raises her sisters children along with her own after she passed away. 'But we get by and we're happy!'

The Nations area is becoming too expensive for the families that traditionally called the Nations home. Gentrification is a term that's thrown around a lot and ended up becoming a theme behind my mural there in this area. Ironically the mural movement closely aligns with property development strategies by those that desire the economic benefits from it in the many communities I have worked worldwide. Here in this neighborhood I realised the conflict of a body of work thats seeks to commemorate these strength I see in everyday people.

Charmaine from the Nations in Nashville, Tennessee - May 2017

Beth from Van Buren, Arkansas - May 2017

Farm life near Clare, Central Iowa - May 2017

'Mac Daddy' limestone Miner in Central Iowa, USA - May 2017

Limestone Miner, Central Iowa - May 2017

I've spent the last three months traveling in the American Midwest working only on photographing people and places, starting in Chicago in May i ended up through Iowa, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, New York, Rhode Island, Missouri, South Dakota, and down again on a tractor through Nebraska, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. Some photos on film still need to be developed.

Will now be posting photos from this random adventure as I've not painted a wall since May!

The village of Ansouis, France

El Paso - Ciudad Juárez... photo by @monnikc

Detail shot by @thosedrones with @nashvillewallsproject

View over The Nations, Nashville skyline in the distance...

Photo thanks to @thosedrones with @nashvillewallsproject and @stlukescommunityhouse @prestontaylorministries

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