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Cris Barkmeier  Food, waves, and animal photos are my favorite.

When the stars align and you get good food, wine, and Laird Hamilton surfing Jaws on the tube. #muchobueno #thisonesforyou

Me and a sweet little corgi named 🍕. Picked up a dozen macaroons at the shop that I hear are fabulous @honeyandbutter, but I really came to see🍕🐶

The little things. Thank you @portolacoffee #thisonesforyou

A few of my favorite things at the mix. @portolacoffee @birdiejuicery @temakira_handrolls thanks for the goodies! Also, don't forget @toms for the great pair of sunglasses and them hooking it up for someone to prevent blindness. This one is for you!

A few dishes from an awesome menu @garlicandchivesbyk

Even though the surf doesn't look that great, it's still nice to stop by and check it out.

Today is "national bring your fish to work day" (I decided). In honor of this inaugural momentous occasion, I have done my part by bringing "Juan" to work with me. Sorry everyone! The rain is causing people to cancel and I am bored. Yes, I should be reading something, but I noticed this guy and I couldn't resist.

See what happens when you wear your lucky Lakers socks......think about it!

Thanks to @luluonthego for decorating my attempt at finding a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

My new coffee mug found while milling around this cool little store Romance after eating my favorite Open Sesame on 2nd street.

A little heat, my favorite plate, and a bunch of good stuff for breakfast. A normal breakfast when I'm not trying to be bulletproof :)

Boom! Great pour over made this morning thanks to my buddy Hiro and @happy710 Good stuff @boxcarcoffeeroasters ! I will definitely have to stop by when in the mile high city