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Lachrista Greco  A white cis strega librarian-in-training. Prison abolitionist. She/her. 💁🏻‍♀️ @stregasaurus 📍Madison WI 💌

So true. #arethafranklin

Aretha Franklin has died at age 76 from advanced pancreatic cancer. Rest In Peace & Power ❤️ #arethafranklin #rip

😂😂😂 @jessicavalenti (rp @themarysue)

Get yourself a copy of “You Have The Right To Remain Fat” by @virgietovar ❤️

Good morning! I hate living in a world where I have to constantly think about protecting myself. Those of us who are marginalized in society may never know a world where we can freely be out at night (or, let’s face it, even during the day). So while I deeply resent the fact that *I* have to protect myself (and we don’t teach men—they’re usually men, but of course they can be anyone—to not assault people), carrying these things do make me feel somewhat safer and able to fight back if necessary. Thanks to @meowdefenseshop for these matching tools 👊 #pawtectyourself #meowdefenseshop

Shoutout to those dealing with trichotillomania ❤️❤️❤️ (rp @equityandhugs)

[CN: sexual violence]
I have genital herpes. GENITAL herpes. The thing everyone jokes about. The thing nobody actually knows shit about. I have that. I got it from my abusive, lying, cheating ex-boyfriend.
Each time I get an outbreak (one, pimple-looking thing), I'm confronted with his ghost. I'm confronted with the fact that he lives inside of me, and will forever. ❄️
The actual outbreak isn't a big deal to me. It's not often painful; it's more an annoyance. It's the other stuff that's difficult. The trauma. The retraumatization I feel each time it happens. ❄️
He is the virus, and he'll always be with me. In order to live with myself, I have to confront this. I have to accept this. ❄️
Four years later, and it's still so painful sometimes. There's an emotional component to herpes. Yes, you're experiencing a physical manifestation of a virus, but you also just feel "off" and shitty and sad. For me, the sadness brings up everything: the lying, the cheating, the diagnosis, the time he sexually assaulted me, the abandonment, the death of a love. ❄️
I hear he's married and has kids now. Both things he wanted with me.
And I'm alive. Living with his ghost. This ghost that sleeps inside of me. Waking ever so often to remind me he is still with me. And he always will be. Reminding me with his Cheshire Cat smile that I'm forever tied to him. He has branded me and every lover after will know about him.
He's not the only one sleeping soundly in my nerves. There are three other ghosts that live inside of me. My ex is the only one who left a visual mark, though.
How do I live in a body that is haunted by men? I’m still figuring it out.


Yes. Thank you, body! (by @frizzkidart)

I’ve been working on healing my own various traumas. Our bodies hold on to traumatic imprints often as a coping mechanism and because we don’t always know how to let go or move through. I’ve been doing some trauma exercises to help warm and release the frozen parts of me. Whether it be through 5-min wall-sits to release the psoas muscle or hip opener stretches or whatever else. Working with the body in these ways is incredibly healing and truly amazing to see not only how much our bodies can bear but also to see how much healing can take place in former (bodily) locations of violence and harm. What body part is holding tightly? How can you release this tension? .
#trauma #mentalhealth #ptsd

My newest YouTube video is up... I talk about anxiety and trauma while doing my makeup with the new #norvinapalette by @anastasiabeverlyhills . Feminism and makeup blend quite well together, and doing my makeup has always felt relaxing to me. Can you relate? My YouTube channel is: 😘 #makeup #feminism #feminist #femme #anxiety #trauma #mentalhealth #mentalillness

If you haven’t heard what’s happening Bangladesh, please Google it! This image is powerful and heartbreaking. We should be able to exist without the threat of men’s violence. (rp @thesydneyfeminists) #bangladesh

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