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official matthew gray gubler  i once thought that i got rabies from a squirl that ate some of my sandwich

picking up girls in japan

these guys rule!

totally normal guy alone at a theme park wearing a bear purse

happy 300 CM, you don’t look a day over 99. i’m very honored to be a part of this long running adventure and since i can’t really hug you, i decided to make a sentimental slideshow of some of my favorite tender embraces from these first 300. xoxo - m

a super #gublertattoo of 10 friends from gublerland now on @intoxikaty (see if you can find waldo)

my feet in japan!

i thought it would be so cool to come off the airplane in a gold kimono but i ended up just looking like Shaquille O Neal’s butler in “Kazaam”

holy smokes japan i love you so much. thank you for having me back and thank you for the award, but the best award i could ever receive is getting to hug all of you while dressed like a golden potato ❤️🇯🇵❤️

pokémon police sketch

4th of july self portrait

can’t stop won’t stop. i love you so much America! happy B day. ❤️🇺🇸❤️

happy birthday America, i love you so much. thank you for everything! ❤️🇺🇸❤️

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