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The Three Guardians  Hey guys :) This account is all about color guard and band! 3 people run this account, Alex, AnnMarie, and Kyla. Hope you enjoy and follow!

I did an edit of alex 👍🙌 -kyla

You might need to jazz run. 😐 -AnnMarie💘

Heyloo, I found a way to get rid of your bug bites. :)! Just get a metal spoon, stick it in the freezer for about 5 minutes. Take it out and put it on your bug bite. Hold it there, it will be a bit cold. Take it off and enjoy your bug bite free self! :D

I mean....really. -AnnMarie

Hey this is the second owner kyla. I hope you like are brand new guard/band account. c: #colorguard #band #winterguard #guard #marchingbandisasport #marchingbanf

Alex again :D, we apparently have -1 followers... Ok.... ._.

Hey this is Alex, :) one of the magical owners of this account. This account will be based on color guard! So I hope you enjoy! Here's our first post, just to clear things up ;).

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