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Guan Hin & Co  Now in our 3rd generation, we focus on tyres and batteries of cars, vans and light trucks. Ring us up at 62526698 or 62552314.

“One of my tyres is punctured. The car is parked at my house. Can you come, @bentayy ?”
Thanks for your support, @colinjhseah and @mausmuseme !
Enjoy success in all that you do!
🍷lovers, check out their page: @winecolony

Dinner’s settled, thanks to @leonbakchormee 😋😋
Love the support and gifts you always bring!
Have fun driving!

Have a powerful week ahead!
Let the creative juices flow in seeking to improve and finding solutions.

Have a time full of love and laughter.
Eid Mubarak!

Many new cars (such as this Honda Vezel) don’t come with a spare wheel.
☎️ us if you have a flat tyre and we may be able to loan you a spare wheel for the day.
Thank you for your outstanding support all these decades, Sally!

Finding it harder to get his car started, Davidoff came for a battery check.
We were all astonished that his Amaron battery (which was changed with us) lasted for 4 years.
He’s one lucky guy as Amaron batteries usually last for 2 years.
Have you checked the date your battery was replaced? No one likes to get stuck with a flat battery.

Having heard from her friend that Korean made tyres are cheaper, Ms Zhuo walked in requesting for Korean made ones.
We recommended her Europe made Pirelli tyres as they cost just 10% more.
The rest is history.
Share with us your criteria for tyres and you may be delightfully surprised.

If there’s a crack on the road, look for LTA.
If there’s a crack on your tyres, come to us.
We guarantee that the tyres we recommend and sell won’t crack.

There’re the usual nails and screws which cause a flat tyre.
And there’s this unexpected culprit that brought this run flat tyre to its knees. 😱

Thank you so much for the lovely herbal jelly and chrysanthemum tea, @fionatanjy !
Enjoy your new Pirelli tyres and Vesak Day~

In late Nov, @kpsh88 was looking for a set of 16” tyres for his Nissan Sylphy.
The tyres had to grip well, be quiet, comfortable, durable, petrol efficient, and value for money.
After using the Pirelli tyres we recommended for 6 months, here’s what he said.
It’s our huge privilege to be of service to you and your family for many years. Thank you!

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