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What a seven month old angel looks like. #JourneyNoel #MyBoy

Wild. Wild. Wild. #rihanna #cropover2017

Journey is the type of kid I can pretty much take anywhere. We started ripping from early on so he knows how to roll. He's a curious soul who absorbs as much as his infant pallet can digest and I love it! From appreciating the view facing forward for the first time in his car seat driving upstate, to intently watching bees connect with flowers, testing out the grass and sizing up massive art installations, he's present, in the moment, always. That's my boy.

Storm King, you're stunning. Thank you for the perfect #summersunday.

Hair did.

Sun, weh yuh deh?

Dat gud skin👌🏾

Hot AF.

No. I will not feed my child in private! Surprisingly, breastfeeding-shaming is a thing and I'm not here for it! If you catch me in the act of whipping out my engorged boobs to feed my son, sorry, not sorry. That's what these two ripe melons sitting high on my chest were made for. Not to mention, breast milk is the best thing for my baby. It contains antibodies that help fight off viruses and bacteria and lower risks for asthma and allergies. More power to the women who choose to breastfeed and no shade to the ones who choose not to🙏🏾.

Same. Same. Journey x Mommy take the aquarium.

When he's more into his drank than the sea lion show🙄. #globetrottingstilettoandjourney #sundayfunday #meandmyboy

My little shark is 6 months! Happy half birthday, Journey Noel.

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