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G.🌟A. Snap Chat:GerlitosWay  Promoting My hobbies, interests and passions . Music, Workouts , fashion, and a few wise words .. all Black Culture promoted Here . 🤓

Don’t touch that shit just call the police...... seeing someone break their leg in person isn’t funny but this shit is funny as FUCK!!!! ... I’m weak 😂

Work Hard get the gains .. you gotta be mentally strong don’t be weak ... s/o to the females that don’t be bullshitting in the gym alot of y’all are stronger than some Men . It’s amazing watching hard work pays off !!!! . #beinspired

Friendships and partnerships are built off Respect always be solid and Remain the same way admit to your mistakes and move forward .. Just always do your part make sure things are good on your end .

Mood for sure #eliminationKlay 🍺#klaythompson 🍺

This Groove funky as hell yall ain’t Hip .. hand me your phone in 5-10 mins I’ll give you a great playlist .... if i like you and know that you’ll appreciate my music tatse I’m really stingy with my selections .

Been working hard haven’t had time for this much needed 👍🏽

You know what we do on Fridays Let’s go we all getting these deadlifts in today I’m only maxing 315 for today .

On a Nice hot day i ain’t grabbing no pop I’m on Watermelon strawberry’s Lemon and ginger 🍉🍓🍋🥔

Much needed !!

We’re in control of mostly everything we don’t like when it comes to other ppl treating us right or wrong at the end of the day WE have a choice

Wish i could come Visit you right about now .. you had a special outlook and guided me whenever my mind and heart was in the wrong place you always had the right things to say .. 😇 great granny 👵🏽 ❤️

Happy Birthday Ju . Rest Peacefully my Guy .

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