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G.🌟A. Snap Chat:GerlitosWay  Mostly Workouts music and Healthy eating..


It’s just that simple right .. nah because you have Guys that don’t know how to act right at all Guys that wasn’t Taught how to treat a woman all they know is ghetto shit .

Then you have females that can’t even appreciate a good guy when they come in contact with one but they’ll post all day how they want a good guy .
Everyone says Goals this goals that but are too damn into themselves very selfish everything is about them they don’t reciprocate any of the love and energy others give them too many people are prideful. if you can’t appreciate A person return the love & energy they show you shit will never work stop being so afraid of taking the L you have To take a chance with anyone you deal with roll the damn dice you gotta do it .. The Word for Tuesday People is reciprocate
respond to (a gesture or action) by making a corresponding one.
"the favor was reciprocated"
synonyms: do the same (in return), respond in kind, return the favor
"I was happy to reciprocate"
Stop looking for every celebrity couple to be your goals and make sure you’re straight with yourself before you can get straight with the next person don’t nothing come To a selfish ass person but self in the end if you don’t GIVE you will not GET Goodnight!

About get these Friday gains in .. just thankful I have the motivation and energy to do this shit as much as I do it .. lower back sore as hell right lol .. but I gotta get it ain’t nobody gonna give it to me ! #fridaythe13th

One thing about Me I’ve been supporting my hometown artist for the past 20 something years even when the city turned on these dudes I stayed supporting you know SchoolCraft Dudes ain’t no haters we always show love you can’t say you Love Detroit and not Respect your Hometown artist ! #roctober #riproc #LongLiveRoc #Brightmo

Allah is gonna do his work ... just Make sure you never forget that you have work to do today also ! ✨ Good Morning 💫

This been a Sad day

Nowadays getting a win just ain’t enough keep working 💪🏽💪🏽

Yeah that’s your father G 😂😂 me and pops make the same damn face after a workout

Us Men love meat all of it ... Brick house coming your way your testosterone levels better be right you better have done leg day for this one .. you gotta show out on her .

Lol you have to self motivate sometimes .. 👍🏽

We Up on the scoreboard .. just keep working G real good session today 🙏🏽

Tap in with the fella..you see the wisdom !

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