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Greg Grucel  Inventor of the Cha-Cha, computer, X-men, and protein. Artwork focused account: @makeismagick

These confederate symbols should have all been taken down when they lost the war and the country decided on the right direction. They can be in museums where they can educate as relics of a lost war and symbols of hate and antiquated thinking. To all the racist fucks out there, go do something positive with your lives and stop living in the past and blaming others for your problems. Trying to shit on other people's lives doesn't make your life better, it just makes the whole world shittier. #tuckfrump #dumptrump #overthrow #somethingmustbedone #ourpresidentisanidiot


Nukemap! Helpful but morbid tool for current events. It even predicts fallout reach according to weather patterns! Yay

Milwaukee County Zoo Animals

Aaaaargh! My bumper hooked onto a parking barrier and when I backed up it pulled my bumper off. Kinda resembles toothless from how to train your dragon, no? I'm just gonna leave or this way.

Boxing Lolas

Nathan VS. Lola

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