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Grubs Leather  Making handmade leather goods. For inquiries email me at for custom orders and pricing.

And when having breakfast why not have lunch as well.

When its lunch time and my girl wants breakfast. Say no more

Another phorst timer. Training her taste buds

After a funeral and an all out family brawl, sushi always seems to hit the spot

When you wake up already knowing what you want for dinner.

A little before and after. Still have to finish trimming and some edge work. #handmade #madeinla #shoehorn

When you feel like crap but you still have to eat. Cheese, spinach and mushroom stuffed chicken breast. Just toss it in the oven n it's done. Rice cooker steams veggies as rice is cooking and dinner is served. On another note if you bust your ass off while your significant other whom doesn't work and stays at home can't even pull this off. There's something wrong in that relationship. All said n done this took less than an hr. so what's your lady making for dinner tonight?

When you get that 1am call saying if you wanna get donuts

You always smiled even when the times were hard and the odds were stacked against you. You fought a tough battle that no one should ever endure. I will miss seeing your smile and having someone to talk to that wasn't gonna judge me but support me in whatever I did in life. You will be missed and rest easy knowing that your kids will be taken care of.

"Go to school so you don't have to do the jobs we do. Where would you rather be here picking melons or in that air conditioned office giving the order?" words my grandfather told me one day. As kids during school breaks he would sometimes take us to the fields and show us what a hard days work was then take us for a drive through the countryside and make a trip out of it. Grandpa late 70's. can't really tell from pic but that's a #ufw jacket he's wearing. It must've been during or after the #coorsboycott because as you can see they're drinking #Budweiser #migrantworkers #takingthejobsyoudontwant #thebackboneofamerica #thesilenttruth

Grandma and her crew. Circa '78 #southcentral #grandmawasagangsta

@kools_clothing_usa has been restocked stop by and check them out if in the area. Don't forget to buy something. #littletokyo #shoplocal

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