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Mercedes  💎Follow my main page @grrrcedes 📍Houston, TX. VSG 7/5/17 HW 370 SW 357 CW 227 GW 199 📩 Contact: CHECK MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

Nothing could’ve prepared me for this journey. No one can tell you how it’s going to be. All you can do is stay strong and focus on the prize. The picture on the left is the night before I had weight loss surgery, specifically VSG. I had already been on a liquid diet for 2 weeks and lost 16 pounds, and 29 pounds from my HW (370). I wasn’t nervous or scared, but READY. Ready to stop being self conscious in social situations, ready to buy and wear whatever the fuck I wanted, ready to not get migraine headaches every damn day, ready to not have high blood pressure, ready to not have the best part of my day be eating junk food. READY. So much has changed in a year! All I can say is if you are considering any change in your life, whether it’s WLS, a new career, traveling, relationships, make that decision for yourself. Everyone told me not to do it, or tried to scare me with a story about what happened with their “cousin’s coworker”, and tried to shame me into just “eat less and workout”. I did, and the weight came right back. I did this for me, and as I look back at the last year I can safely say this has been the best decision of my life. TAG someone who could use a little inspiration today. #transformationtuesday

First time having gumbo in Louisiana, a before and after of me stuffing my face. #vsgeats #vsg #wls

Add this to the list of things I would've NEVER done before VSG. #vsg #wls #wlscommunity #weightlossjourney

Hey y'all! I did a collaboration with Express and put up a live shopping video yesterday, so check out my channel if you missed it!!!

Day 2. How is everyone doing???

5 hours into this and I'm ready to claw out my insides 😂😂😂#liquiddiet

Sorry if you are seeing this picture twice on your feed but I can't believe your girl can wear a size large jacket from Express! #NSV

SWIPE RIGHT BEFORE/AFTER MOTIVATION MONDAY!!! My face bro 😂😂😩😩😩! Day 1 of my liquid diet reset and I'm having a Caramel premier protein shake for breakfast! But let's talk about the difference in my face shape in 11 months! I can't believe it's almost been a year! Can't wait to see what's next. 😊 #vsg

Starting tomorrow! Comment below if you're with me! #vsg

Steak is forever MVP #vsg #vsgeats

Honesty. About to start a go fund me for a tummy tuck 😂😂😂. I've lost 140 pounds and there is no way to avoid loose skin when you've lost an entire high school cheerleader 😅😅😂. Y'all send me messages asking if I have it and I absolutely do, pretty much everywhere. But don't let no loose skin stop you from loosing weight or getting WLS, it ain't no big thing. Some days I'm insecure but mostly, I feel like the force of nature that I truly am. #wls #vsg #looseskin #wgaf

Editing but wanted to post what I'm eating for breakfast. #vsgeats #vsg #wls

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