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Growthitude AS  🌱Employee engagement & performance 🌱Corporate culture 📩 Link in bio to latest podcast, PS this episode is in Norwegian 👇

The past 4 months I've had the pleasure of working closely
With a client and an consultancy team helping the client's organisation improve their work culture and employee engagement

We've come up with this model for the programme and it really works
The feedback from the employees has been very positive

Saying it should be compulsory to participate in the program
I'm really looking forward to continuing this culture change program

In June we'll start phase 2 of it, including even more staff
To make sure we create a sustainable work culture change

Lindsey Agness
Karly Olsen-Haveland
Will Grover
Tracey Gray
Gary Loveridge

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Who do you need to be to get your results?
Would you want to be lead by you?

The road may seem too long and to hard to run
It may seem like the winter you're in never ends
It may seem like whatever you're doing 
nothing is happening

It may seem that your business is at a stand still and that you just cannot seem to crack the code of success
It may seem like you can't manage to create the personal relationships and life you want

You may be close to quitting

And I'm here to tell you to get back up
I'm here to tell you that the ones that make it
Are the ones that get back up
No matter how many punches you get in the face

Get back up
Try again
Fail forward
Try another time

Keep your vision strong
You know what you want
Don't let anyone who doesn't have the same dream tell you that you cannot make it

Not even yourself

Get back up
Dont be scared of what they think of you
It's not their dream to pursue
It's your dream
Make it real
Start today 👊

I'm so proud of you

I know it's been hard

I know sometimes it felt like it was impossible

I know sometimes you wanted to give up

But quitting was never an option

I am always watching

You saw a vision

Because of you I know it's worth it

Because of you I can face my fears

Thank you for getting back up every time life threw you a curve ball

You inspire me

You show me that I am the difference that makes the difference

I want to be like you

#youareamazing #youarebeautiful #life #love

These past weeks I've learned something about myself and the essence of me that I cannot un-see or unlearn

And I know I need to push through my comfort zone to create life on my terms

Because all the greatness in our lives
Are past the boundaries of our comfort zone

Start the journey of making courageous choices today

Hadde gleden av å gi mitt bidrag til hvordan holde bedre presentasjoner på film i dag morges som et ledd i mitt bidrag til @edgarvaldmanis boklansering Bedre Presentasjoner på 1-2-3.
Boken blir utgitt av Hegnar og lansering er 5 april. Det er veldig mange flinke bidragsytere i denne boken i tillegg til Edgar's råd, så gled deg!
Ansvarlig for filming - @census_film

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"Insanity is doing the same things in the same way, yet expecting different results"
Stephen Hanes

It's been a great day, where our planned Turning The Tide Culture Change Workshop turned into a live working session and basically became an off-site meeting where we handled real issues in the moment.

We have gone through organisational culture, what it is, how to change it and how to make the change sustainable as well as looking at what kind of behaviours is needed to create the kind of company culture they want to see.

Culture shapes an organisation's decision making patterns, guides it's actions and drives the behaviour of it's members and a great culture is the best asset any organisation has to do well

Lindsey Agness
Karly Olsen-Haveland
Will Grover
Tracey Gray
Gary Loveridge

Waiting for trains is the fave thing to do on a Sunday 😅 The "glamorous" life of an entrepreneur 😎

However there are fun things to do like being here, speaking with you 😊
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday whatever you're doing✨Make it count! x

#nofilter 😅 #work #consultant #entrepreneurship #sunday #sundayfunday

Turning The Tide -
A Workshop For Management On Changing Company Culture for the better ready to be delivered on Monday ✨
This is our Saturday evening and I'm so excited to be co-delivering this with my team in England
And I'm glad I'm packing light as I need to bring these workbooks 😎

Then on Tuesday we're delivering 2 behaviours workshops for staff - another fun week of delivering real change and making an impact ahead ✨

Lindsey Agness
Karly Olsen-Haveland
Tracey Gray
Will Grover
Gary Loveridge
Abby Oates

#workshops #workculture #leadership #management #workplace #team #behaviours #impact #work #business

Denne samtalen vil du ikke gå glipp av!
I dag har jeg den store gleden av å dele podcasten vår med Ghopi Prabaharan, en utrolig flink skuespiller og foredragsholder som villig deler med deg hvordan du kan bygge merkevare og gi mer verdi en alle andre. Du finner podcasten på link i bio

Du kan følge Ghopi på sosiale medier under @Ghopii og også lese mer om hvordan han kan hjelpe deg på "#podcast #audio #ghopii #business #markedsføring #verdi #prabamedia #leder #ledelse

The honest truth about being your own boss...
You have to be willing to go the extra mile, travel away from family, hustle late hours, arrive at empty airports late at night when others are home enjoying themselves and work weekends

It's not glamorous, it's hard work
You have to be scrappy and put everything you can back in your company

You have to always give value and give value before you think about getting paid

You have to be passionate about it
Or else you'll quit at the first resistance and set back.
You have to do it for your legacy and how you can change the work and world to be a better place
You can't do it for the money, then it's better to stay am employee

Because it just will take everything you have and more, to build what you want
And I'm gonna be here cheering you on 🙌✨

Nothing good is easy ✨

After all the hard work and late hours of work for 2,5 years, it is very exciting to have so many things happening all at once.
I believe it the fruits of hard work and now it's an extremely exciting time
Tag someone who needs to know that there will come a time they will be able to harvest from their hard work 💪 💖

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