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Swimwear is so important. In fact, we couldn't even show you this photo without it.

In honor of National Ice Cream Day, name the perfect sundae in four toppings.

What is your absolute favorite food to grill? Do you have a special way you do it?

What was the most memorable family vacation you took growing up?

With how popular eyelash extensions have become, we’re wondering: can you tell if someone’s wearing them? Tell us what you think for a chance to be quoted in the Groupon Guide!

If you could put together your dream concert, what 3 artists (from any era) would play?

Save on concert tickets near you

Some of us are just born for summer.

Which would you rather relax with this summer: a margarita or a frosé? Tell us which one and why for a chance to be quoted in the Groupon Guide!

You don’t have to wait for fireworks to make your 4th of July a blast. Groupon has concerts, festivals, outdoor activities, and more.

What's your favorite carnival ride?

If this is your idea of a vacation, have we got some Getaways for you. (If it's not, what gives?)

Question time: do you ever purposely order extra food from a restaurant so that you have leftovers to eat later?

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