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See you in the graveyard tomorrow night, Chicago

East coast tour : humid BRUTALITY, dope friend connects. Gym shorts, all-day work texts, purse by Ziploc. 📷 @jcantuledesma


Bringing a few extras and misfits to the east coast

This is my friend Jesse, privileged to know him since I was a 19 year old club dork. He’s a tough sweetie who has smiled through tons of life’s shit and is now fighting endometrial cancer. He is asking for some help. Please read his own brave beautiful words about this experience at the link below, and if you can, help support him financially on the journey. (Link in bio as well)

The view from Tansy Point, across from a city I call home. Like the rest of the Columbia River Mouth, it was originally home to the Chinook Indian Nation. The US government has yet to honor Chinook people with federal recognition, give them a reservation, or pay them 500K it owes. Stole their land and then said they didn’t exist. They now have a unique opportunity to return to and own some original land.
Here is something one can do, right now, from almost anywhere in the world, to help their - centuries long - fight for recognition and land. Currency may be one of the stranger and more devastating fictions of our time but through it at the moment we have power to begin repair — Please join me in donating and help spread the word — (Link in profile)

#chinookjustice 📷@amiranwhite @everydaychinook

These will ship in a week, thanks for being patient. Thanks to Stumptown for the careful, quality print run.

Happy 70th birthday Mama ❤️

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