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Grouper  Corporate Storage

My holiday wish is to see this sign get updated or go away. Chinook/Clatsop are not mentioned by name but the city’s first white bar maid is?

. Saw a child when the snow lit up one night
Turning lavender,
Pale against the sky .

Waving goodbye

Another Messy spider shirt, will have at shows.
Spider power - flytrap, casting — pests, beware

Ran into this print by someone called Richard Phoenix at Good Press in Glasgow and it struck a chord.
Grouper riders have requested accessible venues only for several years. And it still doesn’t always happen.
Accessibility is a big deal. Tweaking a rider or contract to request access for all is one relatively easy step, hope more musicians/venues/promoters take it.

To anyone accusing me of not wearing a Halloween costume last night in Glasgow, correction —I had TWO. Richard and I coordinated on casual Freddy Krueger and part II Jen the Gelfling from The Dark Crystal.

i går København / hoy Barcelona

Whose land do you live on?

See you in the graveyard tomorrow night, Chicago

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