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Grounded  Grounded introduces simplicity and class at it's finest. Logo represents cultural identity, values and upbringing. Deep, meaningful & relatable.

Good morning 🌏

Morena!!! We came across this awesome picture from the @nzwarriors ! We believe it is one of the club's values! Simon Mannering depicts humility on and off the field and no wonder he is one of the greatest players for the @nzwarriors and NZRL Kiwis as well as the NRL! Way to go! #staygrounded #humility #nzwarriors2017 #groundedclothinglabel

All the best to the Ikale Tahi boys of Tonga 🇹🇴 taking on Wales tonight and not forgetting our USOs from Samoa 🇼🇸 taking on the All Blacks. Anything is possible! All the best to Wales and New Zealand too! #ikaletahi2017 #manusamoa2017 #welshrugby2017 #allblacks2017 #rugbyunion #edenpark2017 #staygrounded

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Staying Grounded in the motherland✊🌴 🇹🇴 @groundedclothinglabel #uafu #2017

All the way from Limoux, France 🇫🇷! #staygrounded #groundedclothinglabel

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Faith, roots, and family. This is my foundation, my sanctuary, and my eternity. When woven together, I’m grounded…

My faith in God always uplifts my spirits and reminds me to remain humble because I am nothing without him.

My roots are deeply embedded in my blood. I am so grateful to have been brought up in the Tongan culture, where the connection to my island strengthens, empowers, and guides me to reach my fullest potential. The older I get the more I embrace this beautiful way of life and all that comes with it. From the practices of “anga faka’apa’apa” (respect) to “fua fatongia” (upholding responsibilities), I have learned the importance of sacrifice, service, and loyalty. Tongan culture & history is so incredibly rich so the more I learn and understand it, the more prosperous and enriching my life has become.

Lastly, my family is everything to me. I wouldn't be where I am today without them. When they say, “it takes a village to raise a child”, I find this to be true. My family has been the village behind my every battle but more importantly, my accomplishments. They are always there to support my journey, on any path that I decide to take. They have engraved in me the importance of “anga ofa” (to love) and by these values, I can firmly plant my feet on the ground.

When I keep in sync with my faith, roots, and family, I become the bridge that connects my ancestry to future posterity. Therefore, the phrase GROUNDED is very powerful because it is the source of my desires, my inspirations, my humanity, and my people. By wearing this shirt, I am easily reminded of what keeps me GROUNDED!


Beautiful scenery from Positano, Italy 🇮🇹 🔥🌏☀️ #staygrounded #groundedclothinglabel @jgamayon ft JP

Good Morning 🌎 Pastor Bronson Ruakere of Equippers Manukau sharing the gospel wearing Grounded Clothing Label #staygrounded #groundedtofaith #groundedclothinglabel @cinty_minty

Grounded Clothing Label keeps me fitted & reminds me to stay as solid as these bricks behind me 😘😂~ Lupe Vete
#stayclassy #staygrounded #groundedclothinglabel

Beautiful couple ! 👌🏽🙌#staygrounded #groundedclothinglabel

Good luck to the brother @ataufa_13 for signing a new contract with @fcgrugby for next season in France! Awesome to see you rep our Grounded polo tshirt! #staygrounded #stayclassy #groundedclothinglabel #fcgrenoble

🔥🙌Roll'n with the big dogs. GROUNDED on MAKA CIVIL's brand new 6 wheeler truck - KALIA 1! 🔥💪🏼#groundedclothinglabel #makacivil #kalia1 #heavyweights

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