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james  yr friendly neighborhood bop

10:30-11:30 .::. JB .::. GAMH .::. 23 feb 2017
1. blacktop
2. sprained ankle
3. everybody does
4. vessels
5. happy to be here
6. funeral pyre
7. ???
8. fly me to the moon cover !!
9. good news !!!!!!
10. rejoice
11. something
12. go home
#JulienBaker x #NoisePop

over the past couple of weeks, i was a lil sad that JB, tash sultana, tennyson, PWR BTTM, BBNG, and japanese brekkie were all playing the same night of noise pop at completely different venues.
but then again, 1 hour of cathartic sad songs w julien baker was totally worth missing out on the rest of this bay area thursday night takeover :-))))
what another wonderful night at noise pop !!
#JulienBaker x #NoisePop

Nandi aka Half Waif ruled her solo set at Noise Pop last night and it was such a great way to get NP week going :-)
#HalfWaif x #NoisePop

when green tea and media theory rule yr life πŸ™ƒπŸ’•

the little things i need to save my soul πŸ’•

Ravyn Lenae also opened the show with Venezuela Trains from her Moon Shoes EP and wow seriously though the amount of art flowing from Chicago is insanely amazing πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
#RavynLenae x #TelefoneTour

"Close your third eye and look with your real eyes, and look what you realize: Your water is privatized! Your liquor is idolized!"
Noname literally took us to church tonight and WOW πŸ’• Is it too early to say that she definitely had the best show of 2017?
#Noname x #NonameHiding x #TelefoneTour

this came in the mail today and i am v excited to wear it at shows where dickheads think its ok to harass others πŸ™ƒ

fuck a grammy tho you've been doing the damn thing breezy

its an oaktown get down πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨
#Soulection x #AndrePower x #IAMNOBODI

is it april 9th yet bc sigur rΓ³s are playing at the fox and i'm already crying