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UⓂ️ℹ️E 💗EdLeen  💚Art, Designer, Teacher 💚 Snapchat: grooviemary

7.30am☁️☁️☁️ Wishing U a Wonderful WednesDay! Good Morning ✨😊✨

Got Milk? Designed These Milk Cartons for Laine's Papeterie Sometime Ago 🐮 Had Fun Designing Them & It's a Cool Gift Idea 🎁 #AlteredArt Have a Terrific Tuesday 😊

Happy MailDay Outgoing #MailArt to @murfee 💌 If A Blessing Descends Upon You, Then Make It Last by Being Grateful ~ Imam Ali ❤️ Have a Super Saturday😊 #ArtJournal #Quote

The Sunrise, of course, doesn’t care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being Beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it
Gene Amole 7.15am☁️☁️☀️☁️☁️

6.55am, View Right Now💛 Have a Blessed & Funtastic Friday✨ Good Morning😊

#MailArt Paperbag Envelopes & #Watercolour Paper #ArtJournal Heading to #EdsGroovieCorner 💚 Happy MidWeek EveryOne 😊 #CathKidston

The Vision of the Eye is Limited
But the vision of the Heart ❤️ Transcends all Barriers of Time and Space
Imam Ali (AS)
SunRise This Beautiful Tuesday☀️ Wishing All Happiness & Smiles Always 😊💚

7.20am Sky☁️ Have a Beautiful Sunday🌷 Good Morning😊

7.10am, Saturday SunRise☀️ Have a Great Day! Good MorNing😊

Singapore Sky @6.40am☁️ Have a Terrific Thursday! Good Morning 😊

7.40am, SunRise☀️Accompanied by Dark Skies☁️ & Thunder⚡️ This Tuesday Morning. Stay Safe and Have a Great Day 😊

Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style ~ Lilly Pulitzer
Have a Marvellous Monday 😊
#ArtJournal #WatercolourPencil

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