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  a retired zombie, kyoto dischord. 昔の画質で出ています

recrystallization of glacial acetic acid. it was on the shelf of a korean glossary.

living together already.
#iwd2017 #RedUmbrellaRally

daphne and spike winter hazel.

"even though it gets broken, it's okay."


it's still stuck on the street, an U-DO-SHA works in early days.

my #iwd2017 #RedUmbrellaRally with sweet/lovely/tiny zines.

"police-questioning is the license of submit people to the government!" #policebrutalityawareness #ACAB

never forget to this fruits-mitsumame and the resolution, anytime.

rhododendron, 2015 spring night, at jingu-doori park, shibya.

amudasurabi's south-indian dish buffet & a la carte collection. 2016 autumn.

twilight sky got a glitch.

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