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NEIGHBORS (visit our website for the full video)

Heyo- so I made a mix over on the GB spotify... should be a pretty fun cruiser. Tried to target some thangs that have been in rotation over the past couple of years and exciting my ears. I'll keep adding to it or start breaking it out into more thematic mixes. Enjoy and happy Friday!

In the spirit of @crbear takeover week here, I present a picture of myself... tracking some jangly Indian brass bells at @allaire_studios. Not sure what tune this is for... maybe an aborted idea for Sky Took Hold... but running through a wild delay it was fun regardless. And yes, the congas are still lurking there 😉

Photo by Amelia Bauer @ameliabauer

What are these awesome images you ask? They are printer proofs for the LP/CD packaging for Painted Ruins! Shout out to @wilkerton for the amazing layout and @chyrumlambert for the art! We are so so excited !!!! Did you pre order yours yet ? 😮🙃🙏🏼❤️💋

One of the incredible things about working up at @allaire_studios was the amazing and vast collection of rare instruments that Randall so generously let us use. Daniel is seen here riffin' on an old Lowry organ that we ended up using on the end of Three Rings. Nice lights and a function called "Magic Genie" - it was indeed magic ✨🔮🎩💫 📷 by @ameliabauer

Here’s the first of a series of photos from the recording sessions last summer at Allaire Studios. This giant room, appropriately called the Great Hall, is where we did a bulk of the work for this one. We also recorded large portions of Veckatimest here. Lots of good memories in this place which we will be sharing over the coming weeks.
That’s our excellent engineer Jake Aron sitting next to Chris T. I’m not sure exactly what we’re working on here but it appears that Chris Bear is laying down some sweet BG vox, either that or he’s just lurking in corner by those congas, threatening to use them. And he did use them. And it was good.

All photos by Amelia Bauer (@ameliabauer)

Here's a clip from our new song! It’s called Four Cypresses. Daniel cut together a video of sorts for it from old family footage. Here is an explanation: “In lieu of a real hi fi music video, I decided to splice one together from some old Rossen home video footage that was transferred (poorly) from VHS to digital a few years back. Most of this stuff from the late 80s filmed by my father in our yard in LA and on a trip to New York City, mainly the moments where he wandered off and started filming the trees, or the street, or the piles of trash in our garage. The older stuff is Rossen footage from a generation earlier, probably late 50s, that was archived on the same VHS tapes. The guy that appears at the very beginning is my grandfather. The blond kid with the paper maché witch is my brother. The kid watching him from the window is me." •••
THANKS FOR LISTENING. Full video and song can be found on our website (link up top) w some new tour dates, just announced today:

August 14 @ State Theatre in Portland, ME
August 15 + 16 @ BSP Kingston in Kingston, NY

October 4 @ Vicar Street in Dublin, IRE *2nd show added*
October 10 @ Bexhill De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill On The Sea, UK

November 10-12 @ Sound on Sound Fest in McDade, TX

December 12 @ Warfield Theatre in San Fransisco, CA *2nd show added*

#tbt to when we made fake songs all the time and posted them on YouTube under the name "bearfactory", I think this is somewhere in France or England circa 2006/7....this jam will live forever on , thanks to @kstems for unearthing this classic (this one is called "Do you know me? Do you want to know me?"

Tbt: to this yellow house promo shot from the spring of 2006. These pictures including the other ones were not in fact taken at the Yellow House (which was in fact a suburban yellow house in Watertown, Ma on Franklin street recently made infamous because they found the Boston bomber a few doors down from it in a boat) but actually on Cape Cod in a grey gardens style home near Veckatimest. The photographer @patryceb did a bunch of promo shots there as well as the whole booklet and cover for the album. When looking through photos from this room there was one photo that stood out that I wonder if she might have somewhere....behind us on the old blind there was a distinct silhouette of a man's profile , a profile much like my own having a rather large nose...given that we had access to the home from a relative we spent the whole day speculating whether it was some ghostly ancestor of mine. The crazy part was , @patryceb was taking photos at a rapid speed and only one had that silhouette showing. I remember being really spooked at the time , as I think everyone else was, but with the years memories start to get foggy and you question everything. Personally speaking having had a very real ghost experience with @jstefano at the Union Square movie theater years before after a class, I definitely did and still do believe it was. 🙃 👻 (raise your hand if you believe is ghosts!) 🙋🏻‍♂️

Check out the latest cover of Paste magazine! It's us! 🎉🎊🙃

Monday music memories going way back to our buddy @kindnessmusic making this video of a very early remix of our song "Don't Ask" by the incredibly talented @hepostsclouds ....was another time but a magical one. #mondaymusicmemories

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