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Shawn Griswold 

We're finally launching the campaign I've been volunteering my free time to for the last couple of months. Guardian Gym has been a huge inspiration to me the last couple of years. They provide FREE jiu-jitsu training, school tutoring and healthy meals to Oakland's youth who have so much stacked against them. Now they're building the facility to reach the programs full potential. Here's a little clip I made to bring awareness and try to inspire some philanthropy.
Follow @guardiangym to check out what they're all about. Then go to and give them all your money! #dollar4oakland


2-W, 2-L ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ Jiu Jitsu is hard #grapplingindustries #bjj #riocombat #pacificringsports

The calm before the storm.

@alexshredlabel inspired me to dust off the olโ€™ axe for this tasty session. #shreddsession #pizzaportbrewing #threefloydsbrewing #beerporn #heavymetal

Curiosity, acceptance and honesty are three traits I believe @anthonybourdain personified in his public image. He was an inspiration to so many of us and his life and words were a guiding light on how I want to live mine. Your passing will not slip into the forgotten. You truly were one of the coolest dudes to walk this earth. Thanks for tribute @immortalchoke #anthonybourdain #kitchenconfidential #acookstour #noreservations #thelayover #partsunknown

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