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The power of media.
It’s 2018, as we all know that the majority of media being pushed is focused around gaining the ideal body type or looking a certain way in order to “be sexy”.
Many women spend time scrolling through their feeds wondering why they can’t look so unrealistically thin/curvy as the models they see, the thing they don’t stop to do is take the time to reassure themselves that they are beautiful in their own unique way and that these girls don’t look like that normally, no they don’t look like that all the time.
Being photo ready, taping, body shapers, photoshop and plastic surgery are many ways a lot of these women look the way they do.
Some women work for the body they have but most of those women don’t share the pictures of them without makeup, posing, body shapers and/or photoshop.
I myself useto be so affected by what I saw on social media up to the point where I’d cry looking at myself in the mirror.
After working so long I’ve almost achieved what I’ve always dreamed of look but even my pictures aren’t what I look like when I’m comfortable or just chilling.
I have chubbiness in my midsection, self harm scars, bumps, stretch marks all over my body, discolouration, not the roundest bottom and I don’t always wear a push up bra to make my titties go up to my chin.
I think it’s time for all women to just take a step back, try to love what we see in the mirror. We need to know our body is for OURSELVES nobody else needs to like it or love it, it only really matters if we love our own body.
Love your body for the stretch marks, scars, flatness, chubbiness, skinniness, hairiness everything! Wear what makes you feel sexy, do what makes you happy, be who you are!
Never think of yourself anything less than the goddess!
You’re a beautiful, strong, gorgeous woman, embrace that shit babe!👊🏼🌺🖤

I want to feel inspired by the people around me.✈️✨

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