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Spiritual Consultant IPA (7.5% ABV) release 12pm Saturday! Dry hopped with massive amounts of Mosaic lupulin and New Zealand Rakau hops, this beer is bursting with tropical starburst flavors of pineapple and Sauvignon blanc. Flaked oats lend a plush mouthfeel. Awesome label by @gretta_j! UPDATE 4pm: plenty of Spiritual Consultant, no line, just 3 cases left of Cloud Landing.

Cloud Landing DIPA release on Saturday at noon! This hazy New Zealand hopped double IPA is pure cotton candy. At 8% abv, it’s extremely easy drinking and refreshing. Motueka and Moutere combine elegantly to create aromatics of blueberry, watermelon, kiwi, honeydew, and spruce backed by a slight malty sweetness. We love this beer!!!

DIPA can release tomorrow, 8/4, at noon!!!! Gravity of Smile is our strongest yet (9% abv — but smooth!) double IPA. Dry hopped massively with Citra lupulin, Rakau, and Lemondrop. Hazy, fluffy, and absolutely saturated with hop oils. We’re tasting overripe papaya, oranges, lemonheads candy, and cantaloupe. Also available: Sunroof (APA), Castling (saison), and Solar Return (dry-hopped sour). SUNDAY UPDATE: we still have plenty left! Open today noon to 10pm. See you soon!

Barrel filling in Brooklyn continues! Now begins the aging of our mixed culture golden sour. These barrels will be blended over the next 1-3 years to create our bottled barrel-aged sours. Thank you to the Grimm brewing team! Swipe —>

Update! Plenty of Solar Return (dry-hopped sour), Castling (saison), and Sunroof (pale ale) to go around! Energy Field is nearly gone.

Limited edition Solar Return dry-hopped sour totes available during Saturday’s can release! Only 50 tote bags in existence! $20/tote; July 27

Can release on Saturday, 7/28! Two hot weather crushers! Two new styles canned in BK for the first time!  CASTLING (5.5% abv) is a noble hopped saison -- ultra clean, drinkable, and quenching with flavors of hay, lemon zest, and black pepper.  Produced with a traditional 90-minute rising step mash, and a free-rise fermentation that ramps up to nearly 80 degrees, it hits some deep pilsner pleasure centers while offering additional complexity.  SOLAR RETURN (5% abv) is a dry hopped sour in the the vein of Psychokinesis etc, but featuring the amazing Rakau hop from New Zealand.  Very sour and refreshing, with tons of grapefruity, resinous, tropical lupulin goodness. SUNROOF (APA with Motueka and Azacca), FUTURE DAYS (barrel aged golden sour w/ Mosaic), and ENERGY FIELD (DIPA w/ Galaxy and Amarillo) will also be available.

Barrel day! Swelling and filling. I wish I could share the way these barrels smell — spicy and rich and red wine.

Today’s to-go goodies! One APA, two DIPA’s and two barrel-aged sour ales. No line, and all cans are no limit! We are living in the golden age of great beer. (Brewing a passionfruit berliner in the back).

Can release this Saturday, July 21 at 10am! These cans are brewery only (no distro). Sunroof is a hazy, fluffy 5.5% crusher of a American pale ale (no India despite what the label says). Motueka and Azacca dry hops lend notes of juicy watermelon, pear, and jolly rancher. We will still have TESSERACT and ENERGY FIELD cans in abundance!


DIPA double release beginning at 10am. Tesseract and Energy Field are in cans and tasting delicious! Tesseract is floral, tropical, and strawberries, & Energy Field is cantaloupe, mango, and pine. UPDATE: Thursday, plenty of both remaining, NO LIMITS!

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