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Grim Creepers Van Club CA  Grim Creepers Van Club west coast chapter, Southern California, Portland, Nebraska. Just some dudes who dig vans, choppers, and doing cool shit.

Want some Creep cups? Got a few of these leftover from the Nats. Just Leave a comment about a time you partied with the creeps. Be it the California dudes, the Philly dudes, Portland dudes, or the Midwest dudes. We’ll choose a few of the best stories and send some shitty plastic cups your way. The more detail the better. If you haven’t partied with the creeps, just make some shit up and pretend it happened. Bonus points if your story includes how Denny has a small wiener. #gcvc #creepcup #grimcreepersvanclub

Creeps do red fang n shit

Happy creep

New cycle electric stator and reg/rec for the chop. That’s the old stator in the box. Who knows what’s going on inside there.

Whoever “Nodine” was must’ve been a bit protective of their Sabbath album. #blacksabbath #wesoldoursoulforrocknroll

Fuggin chobbler broke down earlier. Gosh darn voltage regulator wires n shit. Should just get a Prius cause anything cool I have never works like it should. 120 bucks on a fresh cycle electric regulator jawn and I should have her back and rippin in no time. #fuckcsv #stillcoolerthanadyna #vanclubwithachopperproblem

Little night cap after a long day. Perfect truckin jams

Rainy Labor Day morning. Coffee, Jackson Browne on the turntable, and some light reading. #customvannermagazine #blud #treehousesoftheworld and this random subscription to #travelandleisuremagazine since neither are really relevant in life.

Got the doghouse finagled completely off, not just the top popped. So I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious. First van I’ve owned that actually had bolts where they were supposed to be holding down the doghouse.

Full house.

First breakdown. Waiting on a tow to go 6 blocks. Fuel issues. Carb smells like varnish, gonna siphon the fuel tank, and throw on a fresh fuel pump and carb rebuild kit that the previous owner left under the bed. On a side note, I talked to the previous owner and he said “oh. The dude who built the van,Eagle wants your contact info”. Apparently dude is still kickin it and lives in Florida I said “give that fucker Eagle my number”

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