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Grim Creepers Van Club CA  Grim Creepers Van Club west coast chapter, Southern California, Portland, Nebraska. Just some dudes who dig vans, choppers, and doing cool shit.

Everyone raving about the new sleep album, and I’m just over here groovin to the RSD release of Pornosonic and I couldn’t be more jazzed about it.

The cat is outta the bag. #2018vannationals band line up. Nothin like a private vanner party with Bitchin bands

@vannationals dropping the band lineup for the #motherlode 2018 #vannationals today. Let’s just say there’s quite a few rippers and face melters. Gonna be one for the books.

Here’s another to mark down on your calendar. #twincityvans Good Times Truck-in is kinda like going to a family reunion. Except in this case your entire family is rad, and you don’t have to sneak off with your one cool cousin Jennifer (or whatever her name is) to smoke the pots, because everyone there is like a cool cousin.

Little over a month out, and couldn’t be more stoked. A wise couple of vanners aka @kristenmeredith and @matchstick_customs once told me that if you’re only going to hit one truck-in, this is the one to hit. They weren’t lying either. Put on by some guys and gals that sure know how to party, and you get that extra day as a do-over. Maybe we’ll see you there.

So our club brother @uncle_d_619 is doing this shit next weekend. If you’re in the Oceanside area and not a total goober then you should probably go. Denny doesn’t leave Dago proper very often, and he’s got a little wiener, so this could be your chance to see both of those things outside the San Diego city limits (admittedly it’s not very far) but what more could you expect from a scumbag creep like Denny? Swipe for details. Watch him though, he’ll piss on your tire. #nofuckingoobers #nofuckinsarahs #gcvc #grimcreepersvanclub

Box o #creepcups Now we’re ready for truck-in season. Endless beverage possibilities #ipartywithcreeps #keeponcuppin #nofuckingoobers

On a positive note, less than a month out. Get those pre-reg’s in. Who’s goin with me man, who’s goin with me?

Our brother Duane @andersontattooco got tagged by some kid who “just wasn’t paying attention” yesterday. Get off your fucking cell phones while you’re driving, people. This is what shits coming to. That semi hot slut from math class is still gonna be a slut in 10 minutes when you get where you’re going, she can wait till then so that someone’s pride and joy doesn’t end up like this. #nofuckingoobers

It’s Friday, so here’s a picture of our club brother @slowlyweroll s shovel that @highwayman_co did up real sexy like. #grimcreepersvanclub #gcvc #grimcreepersvc #vanclubwithachopperproblem #nofuckingoobers

Can’t get over how narrow those trees are. Makes my front bumpy. #gcvc #chobblerin #12over #grimcreepersvanclub #vanclubwithachopperproblem

Finally got this leggy girl put back together. Lookin gooder than shit with those new super narrow trees. Ready to rip. #chobblerin #gcvc #grimcreepersvanclub #vanclubwithachopperproblem #bedroomworkshop #nofuckingoobers

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