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CORNELIA GRIMSMO 👣  Vegan Norwegian Youtuber Actress Writer ☓ snap: grimcorn ✎ ∞👇🏼

❥ Only love.

☁️☁️How great is it having someone spending their time with you.. Think about it. They could be anywhere in the world, doing whatever they wanted, but they make the decision to be with you.
They might show up late, they might only take a couple of minutes of their day to call you to see what you're up to.. but you are on their mind. You matter.
Giving someone a moment of your time doesn't make a good relationship, but we should appreciate it for what it is. There is something very beautiful about someone giving you the most valuable thing they've got - time ☁️

Until today I've never been nervous about reading the comments on my videos... I've been postponing uploading this video on body image a very long time. I'm scared of being misunderstood and I get physically sick of the thought that some people might think I'm just a spoiled, unappreciative, white girl who isn't aware of how privileged she is. But being scared is good, that means that it matters. It means I'm stepping out of my comfort zone. Hopefully I got my point across.. Did you watch my video? (Link in bio) Thoughts?

🌊Change is the only constant thing in life. Life is beautiful when you embrace change and steer it in a positive direction. Fighting it will only hold you back and eventually eat you up. You are exactly where you need to be right now - behind every situation there is a lesson to be learned before you can move forward.

How you treat people is not based on their character, but yours 🐾 Your job is not to judge others and have opinions on what they do and don't deserve. Your job is to work on yourself and do better every day. Be kind - always 🙃

Finally a new video up! My trip to Lofoten & vegan BBQ 👣🍌Link in bio ! I'm back posting 3 videos a week 🙌🏻 What do you want to see on my channel the upcoming weeks? 📹🙇🏼‍♀️

Head over to my snap ↣ grimcorn ↢ having a quick Q&A there 📍Throwing one of the questions back to you: What place in the world would you love to live? Any place you think you would be happy just by stepping out of the door in the morning? 💫


Sooo much fun🚶🏼‍♀️#lofoten Wanna move back here one day 👆🏻

🥛🐟Been taking a couple of weeks off.. Currently in Lofoten spending time with my grandma 💕 Thanks for all the lovely messages you send me saying you miss my videos, you're always so supportive👏🏻👯 Next video will be up Sunday! I hope you've had a lovely easter and all is well 💗

💸 fake butterflies

🏝miss, yo' fly is open

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