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Again, just a snippet of today's workout! (sped up just a bit) First round we would hold plank between stations. Second round we would do those blast off pushups between stations 😵 Hurt so good! 💪🏻🏋️‍♀️ Lots of strength training today, finished off with a few rounds on the bags 🥊

Almost time for class. I'm struggling today 😴 But I'm gonna give it all I have 💪🏻🥊

Just a little bit of the end of today's workout (sped up obviously lol) 😵 No bag work today, all Kettlebells 💪🏻🏋️‍♀️ finished off with this.

Weekend Warriors 💪🏻🥊 Saturday 8am #FitnessKickboxing was a GOOD one! Workout #6 for this week is in the books! Thanks for another great class ladies and gentlemen 🙌🏻

Yes 💪🏻 Workout #5 for the week, done ✔ Feelin really good after this morning's workout. Love hearing that other people in class are reaching their goals and setting more! 👏🏻👏🏻 #FeelGoodFriday indeed

Workout #4 for the week, done ✔ I love how we have so many different fitness levels in class, but EVERYONE is pushing themselves hard! We're all working towards our own goals, but we're doing it together 💪🏻🥊 #JSKRiverside #FitnessKickboxing #ILoveRiverside #RiversideCa #RiversidePlaza #CardioKickboxing

#tbt It has been wayyy too long since we've had a Disney day. So sad to see the things going on around us 😔 Makes me want to slow down and make more memories with our loved ones. Life is precious, appreciate one another, tell your loved ones that you love them...and say it often!

THIS. So much this! Last few classes have been tough, more so for the fact that I haven't been getting great sleep. That takes a toll on me 😴 the end of every class, I am so glad I sucked it up and made myself go 💪🏻

My baby cracked 😭 First injury in 6 years (dramatic, I know lol) Take note kids, don't store your camera body and extra lenses in the same compartment 😏

Exhausting, yes. But worth it 💪🏻 Really good class tonight, especially the first half! 😵Everyone was pushing themselves hard! Love that kind of energy in the room 🙌🏻

100% accurate 👌🏻 Always hungry. I should've brought more than just a yogurt for a snack 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

I guess he doesn't want me reading about Healthy & Delicious food 🤣 That means no 🍟 for him 🤔

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