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hey guys :)
just wanted to let y'all know i'm (@kassidybogle) resigning as a co-owner. don't get me wrong i love hayes and everything still, but i'm not really feeling this account anymore.
to my now former co-owners, feel free to delete this when you want to :)

I love this video!❤️ @hayesgrier @_.kenzie._yoooo

@hayesgrier hey it's @_.kenzie._yoooo (aka co-owner) go follow me

A gift from god ❤️⭐️

Go follow @matthewsdream 💛💛💛

BENJAMIN BABE U CUTZ❤️💕 @hayesgrier

Hayes why you soooo cuuttteee❤️😂💕 @hayesgrier

Look at this cutie❤️💕 @hayesgrier

He's so perfect. Also starting new account for @hayesgrier please follow to support him with me !! 🖤❤️💚💛 #hayesgrier #hayesgrieredits #hayesgriertour

New account for hayes

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