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im a disappointment  Kat // ♀ // garbage at art but trying // spam me with likes plx // tag; grey_ocs //

sorry!! I haven't been posting, I haven't felt that great about my art??? idk #grey_ocs #dungeonsanddragons

sorry I haven't posted in a while; anyways here's a dumb Django thing #grey_ocs #dungeonsanddragons

I love James but he's a sad man #grey_ocs

look @ my bby boi #grey_ocs

The last thing I'm gunna post of him. I drew more sketches but they're not all that great. #grey_ocs

have some more of my goat boi. sorry I draw him a lot rip #grey_ocs

my freckled werewolf girl Cassidy! #grey_ocs

I love my boi! His name is Token and he's a very very sad bean #grey_ocs

me @ me; keep a consistent posting schedule please and thanks #grey_ocs #dungeonsanddragons

my girl named Connie that I decided to revamp!! she's a barbarian shifter! #grey_ocs #dungeonsanddragons

someon,, should do an arttrade w/ me bc!! im in the mood to draw other people's ocs so!!

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