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GretnaBoy Bread 🤑😏💵  New IG📸 |Jayden Daddy 👶🏽❤️ | RIP Mom & Grandma 👵🏽👼🏽 | LuckyLuciano🍀

I wanna take the time out to tell my Wife I love her crazy ass 😍😂🤦🏽‍♀️ She's held a nigga down since day1️⃣,never switched sides on me, even when she was mad 😡 at me she would still make sure a nigga didn't go hungry 😂, nd always kept it 💯 w/me bout everything! Niggas nd females never wanna see u happy nd when they seen they couldn't separate us they start telling lies🗣 But my Queen remained humble & that's why I gave her my last name!!! I ❤️ her unconditionally for not only lovin me but lovin my son like he's her own. Not too many females ik that would sacrifice nd love Jayden like she does. Nd for that i had to ask her sexy ass to go half onna 👶🏾. I'm the same Gretna🅱️oy🅱️read, but now I can truly say I have something to live for 💯 @ashley.brionne

You👰🏽Learned💬The Whole Game🎮I 😈Taught You Everything Do More Talk Less Never Say🗣NO Names⁉️

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Sweet kisses & booty rubs for wifey , fuck going out , this where all my fun lies 😍😆💪🏽👅

Surprised wifey with a layered gold chain with our names on em 😘🤘🏼💛 Love seeing that smile on her face. Shout out to @designzby9 for my baby beautiful necklace 💯 #TheRichards #Wifey #AllMines #SpoilHerToDeath 🤦🏼‍♂️

Shop my wife business now 🗣 @beauty.bath.bombs has 100% organic and cruelty free bath bombs. Easy and affordable gift for her & they smell good 🤘🏼 can't go wrong #Support #FamilyBusiness

These👉🏼Street Niggaz🤡Are Really Scary Talk🗣Loud 🅱️ut 🅰️int Ready‼️

If🅰️Nigga Try&Take My Life Ain't I😈Suppose2️⃣Shoot🔫

Good things come 2 those who wait, and after 8 years of being a father it feels good 2 be acknowledged 💯Fathers Day never meant to much to me. I thank God for my son, my wife, my family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦@ashley.brionne u did ur thing 💥

Different women bring out different results in a man 📈, and only a REAL woman can look past your flaws 👌🏿, when I gave you my heart I told myself that I'll be the woman that a nigga would have to come to you "as a man " about 💯 . Love you Fat Daddy 🍞 ‼️ - Mrs.

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