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Gretchen Smith  Wife-ing, mom-ing, yoga-ing, read-ing, coffee-ing in the morning, tea-ing in the afternoon.

This is the inside of my fridge. I'm posting this because it represents the change my husband has made over the last several months. A change to get up early to exercise 5-6 times a week. Thank you @davenelsonfit for kicking his booty everyday! A change to grab a water instead of a Diet Coke. To grab a chicken breast instead of a fast food burger. Eggs, salad, brown rice & protein shakes instead of cheese fries. Thank you @adamjoelsmith for making your health a priority and working so hard for our family!

Coen's "experiment& #34; before church this morning. Out one egg in water and one in milk and see what happens. So in case you're wondering what happened...absolutely nothing 😂

What a fun morning! Happy 19th birthday @southhillscorona Thank you @chrissonksen and @laurasonksen for all you do and who you are. My life is better because of you both!

Brothers waiting to get hair cuts

This Sunday @southhillscorona @kidnationcorona help us honor our first responders and have lots of fun too!

Between not being home much this week and the leprechauns visiting last night, this is what we are left with tonight. 😳😜

Not all of my kids believe in Santa Clause, but they are huge fans of the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny & leprechauns. This is one of several traps around our house.

My favorite dad thing about @adamjoelsmith is that he reads great literature and stories to our kids before bed.

So looking forward to this Sunday! All first responders in the community are invited and welcome! @southhillscorona @kidnationcorona

Save your sleep. Don't worry about getting all dolled up for church this Sunday! Just come in your PJ pants & eat cereal for breakfast with us!

Every night our cat, Matsa jumps on our bed, walks across my body and face and jumps into our window. We have black out curtains in our room but there's a 2" space between curtain panels because she enters the window sill from the same place each time. Tonight when I look up directly above my head I see the moon lined up exactly in the middle of that 2" space.

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