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Jordan  My life long dream is to live in Jurassic Park times.

Run at me Poseidon.

Spent my birthday with new friends. It was lit.

After months of development, @yvcheese and I are proud to announce the launch of our cheese scented eau de parfum, Misty Brie (pictured). .
With notes of sandalwood and hints of mold, Misty Brie explores the connection between the soul, the paddock, and the curd.
Have your Bae smelling like a cheesy bitch this Valentines Day!
"Scent of the year. 10/10. Would wear again." - GQ, January 2017.

Cash me outside, howbow dah powpow.

Who needs ayahuasca when you have enough cheese to induce a Burning Man psychosis until 2019?! Thanks for the future night terrors @ericdmeyer

Sloppy Rigs Anonymous.

If you follow your heart and fight for what you believe in, one day you too could be eating a wheel of cheese with a knife and fork for dinner. Anything is possible.

My new single "Get tickets or die tryin'" drops tomorrow. I won some tickets today to celebrate.

My new single "Cheesy Bitch" drops tomorrow. I ate some cheese today to celebrate.

The cover of my new album "Danish Af" - in stores and online Sept 1.

Home away from home.

Well played Hell-A.

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