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Gren Dmitry  fuck everyone, road to the throne


i wouldn't take back a moment
no one miserable moment
i'll give it all 'til there's nothing
i'd walk into the fire!
🎵 Asking Alexandria - Into The Fire.

No grief, no tears — just forgotten names.

Как новогоднее настроение?

If the sky is always raining black,
If the world is always stabbing you in the back
Open your eyes and you will find
That we all live broken lives!
🎵 Our Last Night - Broken Lives.

Last about Our Last Night. 18.11.
It was an amazing day, and that’s why I write it all, I wanna you to see this. HARIBO BEARS SQUAD🐻
@mattyry - my favorite man. You do such a great performance and you are a great man in real life, and for this - big thank you ❤️
@trevor_michael - great voice, big energy. You were very tired, but you always tried to be a friend to fans, it’s worth a lot. ROAD TO THE THRONE💔
@woodywoodrow - amazing person. Never crossed someone like you, always on your vogue and helping others, it’s very cool.
@timothymolloy - Great man, that played with a broken leg, such strength. I hope you were glad to receive some gifts from me, like Haribo Bears :3
Thanks for this love 💕
@olnband @olnband.fans
#oln #ourlastnight #olnband

My favorite. Song, that always helped to pass through my problems and failures, i remember our conversation guys and i want to say thank you @mattyry for this amazing performance and @trevor_michael for such love and energy!
You said we were worthless?!
And how we're not worth your time!
But now you've come running back to us
But we don't care because we never needed you!
Enormous thanks @woodywoodrow @timothymolloy @olnband @olnband.fans
#oln #ourlastnight #olnband

Our Last Night 🔥🔥🔥
Best concert in my life, thank you, time passed, but not my emotions.
Songs, maybe this is too much, but who cares:
1) Sunrise.
2) Same Old War.
3) Reality Without You.
4) Younger Dreams 💔
5) FATE 🔥🔥🔥
6) Common Ground.
7) Broken Lives.
Enormous thanks to @trevor_michael @mattyry @woodywoodrow @timothymolloy @olnband @olnband.fans
#oln #ourlastnight #olnband

The last one about Adam.
Just wanna say, that this day was the best in my life. You made it by yourself and your team, you make people happy and change their life in another way, you help millions of people when they are feeling bad, when they don’t know what to do, by your songs - you changed me and my life, and that’s for what I wanna say a big thank you from my heart. See you soon as possible, my friend @adamgontierofficial .
@cale_gontier @eventation.pro @saintasonia #eventation #adamgontier #threedaysgrace #saintasonia #saintasoniafamily

Adam Gontier 🔥🔥🔥
1) Wake Up.
2) Get Out Alive.
3) I Don’t Care.
4) Lost In You.
Now, my favorite songs was played and i cried as possible as I can, like:
When you started to play “I Don’t Care” the crowd was shocked.
Was so happy to see it happening in front of me, so heartfelt voice and songs come right to my heart, thank you.
@adamgontierofficial @cale_gontier @saintasonia @eventation.pro #eventation #adamgontier #threedaysgrace #saintasonia

Adam Gontier🔥
1) I Hate Everything About You.
2) Never Too Late.
The most popular songs was heard 11.11 and it was like magic to see you performing them, thank you very much for fulfilling my dream of a 12 years boy. I appreciate it.
@adamgontierofficial @cale_gontier @saintasonia @eventation.pro #eventation #adamgontier #threedaysgrace #saintasonia

I can promise you one thing, death will take us all,
I can promise you one thing, you will die alone.
We're all going to hell, we may as well go out in style
Death is a promise and your life is a fucking lie.
🎵 Bring Me The Horizon - Diamonds Aren't Forever.

Sweet 21🔥
Вот для чего нужно жить.
Ради такой потрясающей семьи, которая будет с тобой несмотря ни на что, самые близкие тебе люди.
К тому же ещё и праздник в этот день с любимой @ksenia_sm_ 💕
Спасибо вам, ребят, вы лучшие ❤️

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