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Gren Dmitry  rockstar, fuck everyone, road to the throne

Even though I'm on my own,
I know I'm not alone,
Cause I know there's someone, somewhere,
Waiting that I make it home.
🎵 Asking Alexandria - Someone, Somewhere.

grenya style, fuck 'em all
📷- @vanekandreev

Nothing lasts forever, no.
All we are - is temporary.
❤️ @tasha_rish
📷 @vanekandreev
🎵 Three Days Grace - Chasing The First Time.

Are we alone? Are we in control?
Can we choose to play a different role?
Can we change the grave, that was dug for us
Or is this the only path to take?
🎵 Our Last Night - Fate.

Cause everything passes with the time
All you need is reason to believe.
🎵 Sum41 - Reason To Believe.

Any man that doesn't learn to laugh at rejection is worthless as a man.

we all wanna be somebody
we just need a taste of who we are
we all wanna be somebody
we're willing to go but not that far
🎵 Thousand Foot Krutch - Be Somebody.

Listen up young hearts, this world is your’s
Don’t stop believing even tho you’re scared
Have faith in yourself and I’ll promise
That these anchors won’t pull us down!
🎵 Adept - The Ivory Tower.

Everybody's gonna fuck it up and die
But a life ain't a life if you just won't try
🎵 Nomy - Society Falls.

it’s never too late

still bright, still colorful

i wouldn't take back a moment
no one miserable moment
i'll give it all 'til there's nothing
i'd walk into the fire!
🎵 Asking Alexandria - Into The Fire.

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