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Emily Matherly 

I once casually mentioned knee pads in Canada to the confused response of "Wait, what?"....it was pretty hard to explain....For my badass northern friends, it does exist, and yes, Cian, it is a little lame #sportclimbingisneither #ididntevenducttape #kneebartheworld #thatsfuckinglame @gabatronix @cianbrinker @kiffalcocer

The only thing falling around here is the temperature. Three tickets to sendville today as @spagedward_g and I put away our multi-year megaproj "Le Specimen." Props to @tkemp315 for the send but it doesn't count because it's only your second day here and we're jealous #veto #fuckintermediates #theresanATConyourharness

The last picture of Rifle, taken a year ago after ripping off some skin in the crux and wiping blood all over my legs during a last-ditch effort to send the proj. Bad news is I didn't send. Good news is, those shoes still exist and it's goin down this year...heading back for another round of humility. #rifle #bloodinbloodout

No one talks about being scared of life. As privileged Americans we sweep the anxiety we all feel under the rug, about our futures, our careers, our relationships. Long distance friendships hang thinly by the curated facades on Instagram, and we build up isolating pretenses. After letting down these pretenses with old friends this weekend, I'm happy to learn that everyone is a fucking mess. I am blown away by the utterly novel-worthy struggles, losses, and triumphs my friends have lived behind the scenes. Lots of us are either broke or proffering our souls to a bad job. Lots of us struggle with physical and emotional maintenance. Everyone has willingly stayed in an Armageddon relationship for too long. No one deals with grief effectively. And if anyone has a clean shower they're probably prescribed something that helped them get there. But these are the filters that matter. That give us flavor and grit and worth. I'm proud to be a mess, and I'm happy we live in a generation where I can laugh about it with my friends, and we can take turns being rickety scaffolding for each other. If someone died and you can't get out of bed anymore, or if your job inspires you to build elaborate Rube-Goldberg suicide devices, don't binge watch Netflix and stuff cheetos in your mouth, your cheesy fingers posting a photo of your glamorous manhattan social life, get off your ass and ask for help. Because we really do always have each other. #yolo

After an airport bivy, a rental car snafu, and a case of Red Bull, these glorious women got me from #dirtbag to #debutante in a few hours. Cheers to old friends, the old south, and to relearning that sorority pose....#squad #loveyall #charleston @ahhhhhhgeorgia @missstephaustin @ellenmeder @teganmarisa

The flag was there, and a hiker just gave me the beer...so #Canadian it hurts. #whitegirlwasted #sorryabootthat #eh #lastcanadapicture

Things that inspire me to take up paragliding, base-jumping, or Hail Mary death rolls as alternative forms of descent. Sound on for quality flail sounds... #yasssssscree #thismoraineisinsane #sunwapta #hiking #alpine

Transitioning from sport to alpine climbing feels like changing from a ballerina into a concrete truck #nothappening #fuckfootworkjustcarrythis #alpineBABE #athlete

🎶These legs are made for drop knees, and that's just what they'll do, one of these days these legs are gonna really f**k me over on the scree🎶 #catchy #hitsingle #canadianrockies #alpinelife

Summiting a mountain here is just a way to destroy your weak-ass body and then immediately remind yourself of how infinitesimal any accomplishment is in this vast ocean of gorgeous peaks. #canadianrockies #mountains #alpinebaby #ileftmyphoneonthesummitsodontcallme

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