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Greg Todd  Top Physical Therapist/Entrepreneur/Fitness Coach 🏋🏿💪🏻 FREE Training here ↩️


I want to tell you to win by going into action. Start doing it, be about that action. Be about that business. Don’t take no license for you to move. That’s not how it works. Start doing the things today. Start learning the stuff today and start putting it into play.

You have to understand the race that you’re running. Start getting real with yourself. Start understand “what I’m trying to accomplish here?”. “I don’t have a spouse, I don’t have kids” do you have any plans at any point in your life? Do you have family that has supported you, that has taken care of you that you want to see have a better life and because you’re a physical therapist, you are actually put in a position to where you can make good money and provide for those people and help them as they get older. Are you in that position? Yes or no? Watch the full video on the link in bio ⬆️

What would it be?

Do you agree?

Get yourself to a point where mentally you’re not in competition with anyone else besides you trying to become a better version of yourself. That’s enough competition for you. You don’t need any more than that. Just focus on yourself. Focus on what you can do to become better. And if you think that this profession is going to be taken to the top because of me, you’re wrong. It’s not gonna happen. There’s no one person that’s gonna do it. The only way this profession gets moved up and the only way this profession levels up big time is if we all do it. Watch the full video on the link in bio 👆

. I am not quitting on my wife, I am not quitting on my kids, I am not quitting on me, my health. And I am not quitting on my business. And that’s it.

You find a way to finish.

You can’t deposit goodwill into people. You can treat people, you can do your thing, but you gotta pay and that’s cool but you can’t really call the shots. Yesterday was just a great example of how karma can work in your favor. Watch the full video on the link in bio 👆

You gotta keep on going even though the tunnel might be dark, so you can get on the other side of the light. Don't ever run back. Go to where you want to go to but don't ever settle for less than God's best in your life.

It’s crazy about two years ago at this time, not even two years ago actually. I say maybe like 20 months ago, at this time two of my employees - Chantele Evenson, now Yearwood, and Julie were telling me “Greg, you would make an amazing mentor.” and here I was like “nah, I don’t think so guys. I don’t really think so.” they are like, “Greg, you are meant to be a mentor. You’ve been this amazing mentor to us. We’ve had a clear vision the whole entire way from before PT school, through PT school.” but “yeah, doesn’t everybody have somebody that kind of encourage them?” they are like, “no, you have to do it.” They had to tell me.
For this morning, I wanted to be that for you. I want to let you all know that you’re destined for greatness. Watch the full video on the link in bio 👆

If you want to excel in the field of physical therapy, you’re gonna have to discipline yourself to be in a constant state of gratitude. You’re gonna have to discipline yourself to be in a constant state of thankfulness. When you do that, your energy changes. You respond to things differently, you start smiling, you start looking different, and people see that. Just understand that the cover charge to see you is people gonna be broken. Most of them are broken physically and usually if they’re broken physically, that means they’re broken emotionally, they’re broken mentally as well. Just understand, that’s the only reason why people are seeing you. So if you aren’t bringing that energy, then you’re really not doing them justice.

You have two directions you can go as a physical therapist. Direction number one, which is where 97% of physical therapist go is they just decide that, “hey, I’m a physical therapist. This is the current market. This is the job market. Watch the full video on the link in bio 👆

The field of Physical Therapy is never been in a better situation. Because people are much more consumer-minded. Meaning that people realize that “I don’t wanna be loaded up on medications. I don’t wanna have to go in for a procedure.” they just don’t know what their options are, so the PTs that know how to sell themselves the best - I’m talking them as a person, meaning that you’ve brand yourself - you’re gonna win. The PTs that understand that I’m not gonna do it with the way Danny Dino did it in 1979 because Danny Dino was playing under a different set of rules. He was getting paid $200 for every patient he saw, it didn’t even matter, any bobo can have any practice back then. But today you gotta be more innovative. So we changed. We did it. We’ve already done it.

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