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Greg Saënz  Drummer- John Garcia and The Band Of Gold / Drummer- EXCEL

Thrift store score- this joint was a trip, now a spare quarter has me wondering if Led Zeppelin ever made it out to Ranch Mirage...? #darmaghreb #ledzeppelin #morrocanfood #hollywood

Happy Mothers Day to my loving and wise Mom who raised me on Chicano food, human rights, Steely Dan, James Taylor, and The Doobie Brothers.
I love you with all of my heart. #happymothersday #mommasboy #santamonicabeach #1973

Geekin’ and tweekin’- I replaced the old/dead bulbs in my Mac1900 with frosted, luminescent bulbs. I feel as if I’ve climbed Mt. Everest. #mac1900 #pyramidpr2700 #vintageaudio #audiophile ....a restoration gift from my friend/bandmate (Forever Changing Concept) @kirbslider in 2006....

Score at Angel View today- a pair of 1973 Kenwood KL-777 “Kabuki” 6-channel loudspeakers- 15” cone, two 5” mid cones, two horns, one Mylar horn, and a tone switch. Running my MAC1900 receiver through them w/Pink Floyd on the turntable and they sound fantastic. #thriftstorefinds #kenwoodkl777 #audiophile

UPDATE: TOUR POSTPONED- NEW TOUR/DATES AND RECORD RELEASE DATE TBA sorry friends #johngarciaandthebandofgold #johngarciasolo #seasmoke #desertrock #intothevoidfest #upinsmokefestival

Do I really need to hype this one? No.... #dirtyrottenimbeciles #excel #crossover

Promo sheets for Brujeria /South American Tour 2018- a lil’ gift from Unai @RockAxis in Santiago, Chile #brujeria #420

“Get busy livin’...or get busy dyin’ “. What a guy, down to earth, talked with me- like an old friend.
#sxsw2018 #hotelvegas #timrobbinsforpresident

Deep Ellum, TX was definitely the place to be last night w/Cro Mags across the street, and The Coathangers down the street during the NSFW Weekend ....SXSW in Austin tonight...#dwarves #nickoliveri #qotsa #desertrock #paiste #paistecymbals

I slammed out 5 drum tracks for the new John Garcia (and The Band Of Gold) record yesterday- then drove to LA to rehearse w/ my old mates THE DWARVES. We caught a red-eye to Texas to do SXSW this Saturday (Houston tonight).
Monday morning will be another red-eye to LAX, then back to hi-desert that day to slam out the rest of the record.

I left Highland Park in 1997, and I pretty much grew up on Ave 50 and York Boulevard. 20 years of gentrification.
Melrose Place made it’s way to NELA, as the gas station where I once witnessed a murder is now a playground, and college aged kids walk right by “like they’re safe or something”. I see new thrift stores, for the rich...opened by rich people. I see tattoo shops (that aren’t in a garage or basement), art galleries, French restaurants etc etc and the girl at the taco truck asked me if I wanted my tacos “plain”. Somehow, it still feels like home to’s still “mi barrio”.

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