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at best buy trying to tell myself that I really don’t need the 75” flat screen tv behind me... 🤦‍♂️😍🤷‍♂️ #selfie

it just never ends with her ♥️ #gia

love these boots⏳ @clecioliraphotography


At the risk of offending the Instagram community and those that work so hard and diligently to keep it safe from inappropriate imagery - and after great deliberation - I decided to post a photo of the boots I want to buy without my visible sexy, virile, enticing, scandalous left foot modestly pixelated even though I’m wearing a sock. Rules change day to day and person to person, after all... I certainly hope this doesn’t result in more problems for me and cause further penalization. Please keep me in your prayers and have a lovely evening. Thank you...Gregory 😰


Being shadow banned again for my *explicit/porn* postings. Hope this naked photo of Kira doesn’t get reported.... 😎


dinner w/ my good friend @dpl74 tonight 🍷 @johnsof12thstreet

As expected - either from being reported and reviewed or from IG’s automated bots - the last photo was deleted in 29 minutes. Somehow, amongst all the other models and photographers who display tasteful eroticism & nudity - as well as those who are basically showing porn with no sense of artistry whatsoever and are never penalized - my images remain vulnerable. So here’s a lovely photo of my Apple TV remote and Kira’s foot for everyone to enjoy while I continue binge watching Making a Murderer... ⚾️

Making some oat bars. Easy enough. And adding extra granola, seeds, nuts and fruit - plus spent grains that were left over from my brother’s craft beer brewing. Gotta say that I have yet to find granola bars at the store that I love so we’ll see how these turn out... 😋

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