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Gregor Vezonik  | SLOVENIA CLIMBING TEAM | Kinesiology student | Routesetter at @360holds | @carbongrip athlete | #routesetting #climbing #bouldering

Solid round of qualis ✅ Finished 7th. Moving onto tomorrow with everyone from the @sloveniaclimbing ! Nicely done @zlsudar @kruderjernej @anze.peharc @katjakadic @mia.krampl @julijakruder @urska.repusic 👊
Thanks for the video @njush ❤️
@carbongrip @carbongrip_products #climbing #bouldering #competition #adidasrockstars @adidasrockstars

So cool to be back at @adidasrockstars 🔥 Qualis tomorrow 🔜
@carbongrip #climbing #competition #adidasrockstars #bouldering 📸: @vladek_zumr

»I laugh like a cornered villain who knows his escape. I will succeed because I must«

Paris 2016, world championships qualifications. I’m in the transit zone to go to the first boulder of the qualification round. I’m ready, at least I hope I am ready to finally make a good result. I go out, send the first boulder. Back in the transit zone, still hoping I’m ready for the next four boulders. I go out and fail. It all goes downhill from there. Back to the “shit, I’m not good enough mode” I fail miserably and end on the 45th place. With a goal in my mind I make an Instagram post with “Let’s just say I’m one comp closer to making a good result” caption. I go home, back to training.

Innsbruck 2018, world championships finals. I’m in the transit zone before the last boulder of the finals. Keita Watabe goes out and from the crowd’s cheering I know he got the zone hold. Kai Harada goes out, he flashes the boulder. Baam the young sensei is a world champion! It’s my turn to play. I stand in front 5000 people. I know if I send the boulder I earn myself a medal. I look at the crowd, think of my team, my family and my @njush . I think about how nervous they are. I smile, I wish I could tell them I’ve got this. I know I’ve got this, I’ve learned so much this year, there’s no way I’m letting this one slip away. First try, I get close to sticking the hardest move. Second try, even closer!!! This is it, I’d rather die than fall again. Third try, I mess up the first two moves but I’m still fighting. I take the leap of faith and stick the crazy one hand dyno to the zone. Two more moves and this is all over. I stick the next two moves and find myself on the top. I got a medal at the world championships! I smile and think of all the moments and people that got me here. I’m thankful to have this life and all the people in it. My life truly is amazing. #dreams @carbongrip

World championships finals 😏
Level 2 completed ✅
@carbongrip #dreams

Photo: @lukafonda

The games have begun 🔥
It was a good day of climbing with my bros at the @innsbruck2018 . Finished 6th in my group so I’m safely in the semifinals! It was a HARD round with the strongest athletes of the world and i’m stoked to be in the top 20. #dreams

Time to play 🔥 🔜 @innsbruck2018 ✖️

What a journey... all coming down to these few moments 🔥 @innsbruck2018 countdown in process ⏳
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It’s important to enjoy the time of great success and share the joy with people close to you. However for me, life’s not meant to be about reaching a single goal, so it’s important to find new goals and give it all to reach them. 🔜 @innsbruck2018
Photo: @urbanurbanc from @sloveniaclimbing training today 👊
#dreams #carbongrip #veziparagraph

Ok now ... fun times are over. Back to training mode for moments like this 🔥 #needmoretrain #carbongrip .
📸: @vladek_zumr

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words! 🙏 😎
📸: @vladek_zumr #carbongrip @carbongrip

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