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Gregor Vezonik  | SLOVENIA CLIMBING TEAM | Kinesiology student | Routesetter at 360 holds and ICC | #routesetting #climbing #bouldering

Past weekend has been surreal. Standing on the podium of the world cup again is something that I’m incredibly proud of and will stay in my “best moments” book forever. Shoutout to my bros that completed the podium Alex and Jernej!! @kruderjernej This season is turning out great for you so here’s a huge congrats 👊 Respect! @alexkhazanov My dear friend, being on the podium with you taking the gold was an honour! All the hard work is paying off and I’m pretty sure you’ve shut all the haters’ mouths now. Thank you for the inspiration 👊
Next up is the Triglav the rock comp in Ljubljana starting tomorrow. Hope to have some fun and top some boulders in between 😁
p.s. sorry for another #veziparagraph
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finals again! third place after semis 😝
see you tonight bros @kruderjernej @chonjongwon96 @alexkhazanov @fujii_kokoro @odenpyon 👊

As my korean bro @chonjongwon96 would say: GO TO SEMIFINAL🔥 😂
Got another chance to climb tomorrow which isn’t that bad 🙈
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No luck this time but a solid 13th place finish anyway. 😁 Good job to all the finalist 💪 specially @katjakadic & @kruderjernej 👊
Onto the next one next weekend 🇨🇳🇨🇳

SEMIS! second time in a row 😎 tied in 3rd place in my group with @kruderjernej 🔥 @katjakadic and @anze.peharc made it through too 💪💪

Is this what feet first means? 🤔
thanks for the shot @toksuede 👊
#climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbing #bouldering #competition #worldcup

This post is long and emotional and I'm not even sorry🔥Hard work pays off – a quote that seemed so cliche until this weekend. I’ve been dreaming of standing on a world cup podium ever since I was a little dude going to the local climbing gym. Training hard for many years never seeing that dream getting any closer. It almost seemed like I was the unlucky one, even in the youth comps, always being strong but not strong enough, always being close but not quite there. I’ve heard people asking me “when are you gonna stop?” many times, people telling me “it’s time to ditch comps and go rock climbing” a lot. But somehow I always got my shit together through another year of training. So here’s to all the people that helped me getting my shit together! @romankrajnik Best coach ever! Not only because of your knowledge but also because of your incredible ability to stay positive. Thank you! @milanpreskar , @martinbergant and @domenskofic You strong bastards! Thanks for being the best training buddies and friends. You make pushing it to the next level easier. @360holds team thanks for all the support in the last years. You make my life easier. My parents @urskavezonik and Brane! Thanks for having my back since my first steps and for never having a doubt. Best parents ever! And last but not least my dear @njush ! Somewhere between training, university and work, things get hard sometimes and that’s where you show me again and again that you truly are the best person earth has ever seen. Love you! There’s many people I wish I could tell how thankful I am and I think they all know it. Thank you! No matter what the rest of the season brings I’ve achieved my dream and hard work DID pay off! /veziout

So... this happened 🤔⁉️

FINALS 🔥😎!!!!!
with some of my best friends ❤️
@chonjongwon96 @kruderjernej @gabrimoroni
we will miss you @alexkhazanov

Hard stuff, didn’t look solid.. made it anyway 😎🔥
SEMIS at Moscow world cup 👌

#climbing #bouldering #climbing_videos_of_instagram #worldcup #competition

Not even close 💩
Another chance next week 🇷🇺 📸:@vladek_zumr

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