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Greg Gossett  Houston, TX Owner - Below Parallel™ Use code GREG for 0% off nothing

6min AMRAP
40 wall balls
80 double unders
10 muscle ups
1,000 breathe heavies
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Game of Throws.

This was supposed to be a power snatch triple. Had to squat the last one at 210#. Please comment how I didn't stand the first two up all the way.
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Four sets of one push jerk + one split jerk x3 at 235#. Putting @fhnguyen on my shit list today.
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Arnold Palmers and jet skis.

I get tagged in this pic regularly so I'm just gonna own it. Happy Fourth of July.

When @jcooptroop is talkin' trash because you have less weight on your bar and he misses his 85% (260#) on a 1 power clean + 1 clean complex, you walk over to his bar, hit it touch and go and add a bunch of other shit in there.
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Got in a session under the eye of @jordanweichers today. 95kg and 90kg shown. Kilos are weird.

At my Dad's 62nd birthday party tonight. Game of Thrones fans will like my brother more than me now.

Team name: Youth Medium

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