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Greg Maruffi  A Maryland plumbing company. Specializing in all plumbing service, new construction, hydronic heating boilers, and radiant floor heat.

Thursday #gregsdrainrace! 2" drain running from left to right tying into the 3" stack with an 1-1/2 vent in the center. Which one will win? Post your drain races! #worldplumbers #doublebowlsink #drains

What a difference! New #dewalt green laser vs my old red laser from 40' in day light. Everyone on the job site was blown away. #green #laser

Made the most of what i could for this mixing valve. Only had an 18" opening between the drawers. Mixing valve for a roman tub faucet. They didn't want and access panel so we piped it back to the vanity. I know a lot of you guys don't like cpvc but that's what this house had. #worldplumbers #lossociosplomeros #plumbing #mixingvalve #cpvc #ballvalve

Another job well done. #moen posi temp with transfer valve and florestone 48x34 shower base set in structolite. #worldplumbers #plumbing #showerfaucet #transfervalve #copper #showerbase

I really have no idea how these guys get away installing shower faucets like this. Literally no support other than the shower arm drop ear. How this faucet was ever tight is beyond me. Installed a new posi temp with transfer valve and did it the right way. #worldplumbers #moen #showerfaucet #transfervalve #cpvc #no #support #badplumbing

I know we have had the conversation about what brand frostfree hose bibs people prefer and some other brands came up other than prier. I've been using these prier hose bibs for years! Some of the advantages of this brand is the have a large pre sloped flange so that they cover up large holes or old scum marks and it eliminates the use of those unsightly sloped washers. They do not use a spring on the end of the shaft to prevent backflow instead they use a cone gasket around the shaft that seals against the inside of the bib. I can't tell you how many hose bibs I've replaced of the years because that spring broke off and wouldn't allow the hose bib to shut off properly. The finish on these bibs are really nice also. I've seen ones that I installed years later and they still look new. The only disadvantage I would say is that their vacuum break is brand specific so you can't just use the ones that fit almost every other hose bib out there. If you're looking for a new brand to use maybe give prier a try! @prierproducts #worldplumbers #plumbing #prierproducts #hosebib

Who needs a stand's a trap! @badplumbing @mechanicalhub #badplumbing #plumbingfail

When you guys install new wells, does the inspector make you leave the core from where you drill for the pit less adaptor? Just wondering if our inspectors are just old fashion or it's still a common practice. I know back in the steel casing days some guys would cut a square hole and they want to make sure you're not doing that. #worldplumbers #plumbing #pitlessadapter #core #pvc #casing

Customer just moved into this house and couldn't figure out why their hot water was so hot. I know this is just the way that they use to do it but with 2 small children water this hot is extremely dangerous. Before and after mixing valve install. #worldplumbers #copper #watts #mixingvalve #farenheit #temperature

Congratulations on 100k followers! Love all of your posts! #kruger100k

@districtplumbing it's not exactly the same. This tub had a chrome finish on the outside of the tub. Everything turned out great beside the hand held. It was damaged out of the box. #worldplumbers #plumbing #chrome #bathtub

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