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Frozen these thin bridges are 'safe'ish to walk across, by mid morning they are weak and scary.. an epic day today with @myshellparker @chrisrubens and somehow we ran into nick and @jasmincaton

Although @eric_hjorleifson and @christinalusti are not part of our #electricvolcano trip, it was still rad shredding Mt-Baker with them and the rest of the #arcteryx crew.. #electricadventures

Probably the oddest couple I have ever seen on a summit. These two strolled up to Mt-Bakers 10700ft summit wearing camouflage sweaters and she had a rad denim skirt on. They strolled around casually enjoying the views and took the short way back to their snowmobile. Pretty epic day for us. A super solid @arcteryx crew of 11 crushed our way to the summit. #electricadventures #arcteryx

The adventure has begun. First charge is powered by the methane off cow poop. Their gas powers a generator that powers my car, WTF that is so crazy cool..

Tomorrow I start off on an adventure I have been yearning to go on for awhile. Once it begins it will be a gas free road trip.. no gas stations, no dripping fossil fuels all over the ground. Just volcano skiing and #electricadventures

So around a month ago @chrisrubens , my sister @juicycaboosey , Matt and I skied from the summit of Cartier in the background. We walked the last 1500 vertical feet because there was no snow, we felt comfortable and wondered why it had not slid this year. Last week it went huge, these dirt walls are avalanche debris and are probably 10 metres tall. Pretty crazy

@tonylamiche carving some turns beneath the blue ice that we just skied our way through. Glacial skiing adds more unknowns which increase the excitement. @salomonfreeskitv #timetoplay @salomon

Watching your @salomonfreeski boss shred powder turns after getting lowered through huge blue ice seracs is pretty awesome. Nicely done @bruno_bertrand @tonylamiche @salomonfreeskitv #timetoplay

Could these be @chrisrubens last turns of the year? If so they sure were good. @salomonfreeski #salomontv #timetoplay

Sometime on this traverse i started counting the traverses I have done, turns out its around 10, this being my eleventh. Usually we bag lots of summits, but avi conditions, and weather made this one a little challenging. Though we were rewarded for our determination at the end with a mt-Begbies summit. Here is our gang booting up the final pitch. @salomonfreeski #salomontv #timetoplay

Traversing through the monashees, we hoped for many ski descents, avi conditions, whiteout travel and sickness limited our shredding. But we did manage a few good turns, here @chrisrubens carves some sweet turns in the evening light.
#salomontv @salomonfreeski

Ski traverses are quite simply the most satisfying and challenging form of ski touring you can do. This one started off excruciatingly hard for me since it began with sickness. All the wheels were in motion and I could not let the team down so I dug deep, real deep. 4 days of diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps made the travel very challenging. It felt like i was training for 8000m mountains. Step by step,I kept moving forward, knowing it would get better, eventually it did. And luckily I didn't pass on the sickness to the rest of the gang. 📸 @eye_b_long #salomontv #timetoplay @salomonfreeski #shitsandgiggles

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