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Sun setting on Begbie, the buchanan kids hanging with the hill kids, all excited about tomorrows summit, us parents speechless as they laugh together.

A good old fashioned brother/sister adventure.. 3/4 up Sir Donald, clouds and wind hid the summit from us, and we were not patient enough to wait. @juicycaboosey

Somehow my last post had no sound, or music, which is annoying. So here is the video with sound and music. Ideally the dramatic tune adds to the scary ridge walk.

Combined with your morning coffee, this longer edit from our Thor-Niflheim adventure should get you up and after it!

Mt-Temple had 4 pitches of great climbing, here @chrisrubens leads off on the 3rd pitch. The variety of challenges on this route kept us entertained the whole time. @salomon @andrew_mcnab #timetoplay

Mt-Temple is probably one of the first massive mountains I ever saw as a youngster. Its grandeur is awe inspiring, and this glacier floats above Lake Louise, I have always wondered what it would feel like to travel up there. Yesterday I finally got to experience it, and as you ca see by @chrisrubens skipping along, we were excited. Great day climbing with @andrew_mcnab and chris. @salomon #timetoplay #electricadventures @arcteryx @suunto @goretexna

If all goes well we will stand on top of Temple tomorrow. A little #electricadventure from Revy. The route starts left of sky line and pops up onto the glacier for a narrow ridge finish. Psyched

What an epic day!! I honestly never thought I would summit Thor and Niflheim, much less link up the entire ridge. Such full value.. probably my most adventurous mountaineering day yet. @andrew_mcnab #davesproule and I went on a 20 hour mission yesterday.. my feet hurt, my finger tips are sore, I have random bruises everywhere, but OH MY GOD was it amazing. @arcteryx

Success would not taste as good if it wasn't balanced with failure. This trip was not a failure but it was not a success. We had dreams of hiking 100 km over 3 days. With the second climbing over Carnes mountain. To go light we brought less gear, which made our ascent of Carnes impossible with enough of a safety net. So @eye_b_long @chrisrubens and I hiked 33 km to realize we couldn't continue and then we had a savage bushwack out to the road. Somehow we still enjoyed the whole process.

Here we are at the end of our last 100km traverse, today we embark on another one. A hike through, 100 km in 3 days, very little trail, very little information. Fit and foolish we are off. @chrisrubens @eye_b_long @salomonfreeski #timetoplay

Great adventure this morning with @andrew_mcnab .. a fun scramble/run in Rogers Pass..its pretty fun to see how quickly we can do these adventures, I didn't eat enough so my energies were low, but the mountains kept me psyched. #timetoplay @arcteryx @suunto @salomon @goretexna

Its always cool checking out the house I grew up in. Built by my Dad and Mom (while pregnant with me), it was an incredible place to grow up. Although it was not surrounded by mountains, it fostered an appreciation for nature and a sense of exploration and adventure in me.

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