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Luke Greensill  I still don’t know what I want to be if I grow up 🐛

友達🤙 It was so great catching up with @tomorrow_cozy and @yoshioka.ak at my favourite place to stay in Kawasaki, Yokohama: @onthemarks! When I met Lukas, he was working at the front desk - now he manages the place! Yoshioka-san has since moved up to a more senior management position in the company too. So great to see my two friends kicking goals, thank you so much for your hospitality 🙏 ありがとうございました!

A collection of mid-century Suntory whisky advertisements, see if you can spot the rather risqué piece 😂

4L each, for around $60 a pop. Meanwhile in Australia, the 700mL bottle of this same whisky will cost you $80. Your tax dollars hard at work!

Suntory Hibiki is probably my favourite Japanese Whisky. Incredible to think that 30+ components produce such a cohesive (and delicious) result. This particular bottle retails for roughly AUD$1,000 but the cheaper variant can be had for under $200.

Easily the coolest production vehicle under $100k on the planet right now, the mid-engined, turbocharged 3-cylinder Honda S660 😍

This takes being big in Japan to an entirely new level. 1:1 scale replica of the RX-0 TWC Unicorn Gundam, nearly 20m tall and weighing in at 49 tonnes. This insanely detailed replica can also move to switch between its Attack and Unicorn modes. Currently stationed at Odaiba, it relieved the previous 1:1 Gundam of its duties late last year.

Yeah, that’s an eye patch.

Late one for #ausbandtshirtday but thought I’d treat my homies at @osakapunchofficial with a pic of me wearing my Osaka Punch tee today IN OSAKA. #livingthesweetlife (thanks @so.deeliteful for the epic photo)

Kyoto seems to have a fear of heights and a pathological hatred for wheel bearings. Sound on for lovers of bellowing, raspy V6 engines, volume down for those of us with more refined tastes - enjoy!

Found a real-life Pokécenter, sadly their services weren’t free and my Pokémon are still on 0HP. Thanks Obamacare.

Downtown Negishi, backstreets are an odd mix of asphalt and blue stone. Met a Belgian expat on the bus, nice guy - no waffles though.

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