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Elisa T  ✉️ papierleaf@gmail.com ▼ New IG account // From the desk of a minimalist


Passport TN ✑ A very simple spread of Week 44
Happy Sunday everybody! 🌞

Slow living // Getting dark.

If anyone is interested to see my non stationery related posts, I’ve finally created a separate account called @cazabianca There will be occasional shots of my notebook because I think they are special to me and I enjoyed the sight of them 📓 I’m sure everyone too feel the same towards their notebook / journal. I hope you’re having a slow and lovely evening ahead ❤️

Passport TN ✑ Week 43

Reminiscing // Ever since I’m back from my 1 year leave from work a couple years ago, there’s always so much to do on a daily basis and I’m envious of those who have the luxury of time to spend at their desk. If I’m lucky, I get to spend half hour a day on journaling. I do miss the good old days but nonetheless being busy is good. Happy Thaipusam to those celebrating! ❖

Saturday // While you’re at work, do you sometimes miss being at your desk? Well right now, I am. It’s the weekend and I hope everyone is having a fun day - even to those who are working. Who said you can’t put fun in work. ✌🏻#blessedtobealiveandwell

Passport TN ✑ Week 41
I know we’re already on the 3rd but these are spreads from last year which I didn’t had the time to post. I hope you guys are having a fabulous Saturday yea!

Morning view from my desk.

These days, I hardly have the time to be at my desk. I do however have the MD PRD in my bedside drawer which I write about my day / gratitude before going to sleep.

Passport TN ✑ Week 40
Happy Wednesday folks! 🌤

Passport TN ✑ Week 39

Finally a day off and I’m dedicating today to do the stuff I’ve been wanting to do. One of it is to catch up on posting my old entry / spread. My passport TN is merely to make use with creativity I can with my stamps and tapes. I don’t decorate as much in my MD as it’s mainly reserved for serious writings / thoughts.

Hello hello! I’ve not posted in months mainly because I’ve been busy with work. 2017 has been most tough. 😰 Though it was mad, it was also exciting because we’ve just moved into our new place last month. Our current place are five times smaller than our previous home and yes! that’s all the stationery I have at that ‘desk’. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting my spreads soon but I am contemplating if I could create a new account to post my e.g random happy stuff or on minimalism. Til then, oh how I miss everyone! I hope you have been well and wishing you a great 2018 ❤️

Planners & Journals for 2018 // • MD FlatDiary • Travelers Company Passport Weekly • MD PRD8 / Professional Diary • MD Notebook

Passport TN ✑ Week 36 // aim for the stars 💫 .
2nd picture // Cute Krigmen stamp which was a surprise gift from @yorktee last month. I love it so much! Thank you 🖤

Yesterday was beautiful and I hope everyone is having a lovely day today. ࿎

My current love - Beautiful botanic stickers from @irina.birdie 🌿

Yay! Finally a day off and a little time for a post before going on with my day. I hope everybody is having a beautiful + slow Sunday! ☼
Here’s a peek into my MD Diary. I am in LOVE with my new rubber stamps which I’ve just recently purchased from @smidapapercompany

Passport TN ✑ Week 34
Drowning in work but I'm happy for today because I finally have the whole day to do whatever I want. Perfect time to catch up on my housework, laundry and my journal. I hope you're having a lovely Sunday 〠

Passport TN ✑ Week 33
I wished I have the time to post more on IG. 😅*ish doing my best* Meanwhile, I hope you are well and happy on this beautiful day.

"There's no such thing as impossible, it's just a matter of figuring out how." - Haruhiko Tanahashi, Lexus Chief Engineer.
I don't usually post about work but this is an exception because this corner looks incredible today. #lexus #lexussportyacht

I've been searching for a flat type of pen case for my writing utensils and I'm so glad that I've discovered the Lihit Lab's smart fit pen case (by accident) and they're my current love. They're convenient, slim to carry around with while keeping my pens safe inside. 😍

Passport TN ✑ Week 32
Love my new Bande x Chamilgarden sticker flakes from @bearb_store_ They're so pretty!

Organizing ✧ We usually stay over at the new place during the weekends and I realized I can never be able to journal without my journaling essentials e.g rubber stamps, tapes and etc. So I got myself this 'bento box' and I'm amazed with the amount of stuff this box could fit! I even managed to store almost all my washi tapes in the pull-out drawer below. This box is by far more versatile than any Classiky boxes I've owned. Much thanks and love to @venice_lor for getting these for me ♡
Happy Sunday guys!

Colorful scatters ღ oh shucks. I just realized that I started on the wrong page 🙈

Passport TN ✑ Week 28

I'm so sorry that I've not posted in weeks. I've been busy with work and the planning for the new place. I cannot contain my excitement, we're moving soon!

♡ Yohaku Tapes

Passport TN ✑ Week 26

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Hope you're having a wonderful day ❤️
I was ecstatic to know from @josephltt that we can buy authentic French pastries locally. Got myself some Canelés. Swipe left for a miniature surprise.

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