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Ian Greenleigh 

Site of the first modern Olympic Games

Ferry to Naxos.

"Unlike Pompeii, no human remains have been found at Akrotiri, and only one gold object was found on the site, suggesting that the Minoans performed an orderly evacuation before the eruption, and they had time to take their valuables before they fled." -Atlas Obscura

Imagine being among the first settlers of Oia. This choice of spot was probably more about watching out for the volcano or pirates, but the ancients were just as awed by views like this as we are today, of course.

I thought I'd have no problem driving the cliffside roads to profoundly picturesque Oia, having grown up in the high narrow one-car-at-a-time switchbacks of Marin, but I'll admit some vertigo and something like claustrophobia as tour buses and box trucks flew past only inches away from our tin can rental. The people who drive these for a living roads are fearless or crazy or both.

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