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✨Greenii 글리니✨  안녕하세요!~ I'm an alien 👽 & a prince 👑✨ Final Fantasy freak 🎮 Kingdom Hearts and Overwatch 🖤 Gallifrey 🇬🇧 📧Agent: greeniicosplay@influencerlinq.com

I tried to be Deku haha 💚😂 Thanks to @noonz_alb for letting me borrow her wig 💚😘

Kacchan: Do you have a map? Because I just keep getting lost in your eyes!

Todoroki: Get lost!

Kacchan: in your eyes? 😏✨ @noonz_alb as Todoroki 😍

“Hey, partner.” - Reno 😏✨ Ph📸: @urbanq8films

"I was born to love the ladies. You see? I'm a man!" - Sanji 😍✨
Ph📸: @nasser2016z

TodoBaku on petrol 🔥

Todoroki: @noonz_alb ❤️
Ph📸: @lovelessq8.p 😍

On my way to @comfestcon day 3 .. see you guys there 😎❤️

On my way to @comfestcon day 2 😎 I’m cosplaying Katsuki from Baku no Hero Academia .. see you guys there at my table in @sharinganq8 booths 😍❤️

My Sanji cosplay @comfestcon day 1 😎❤️

My line-up for @comfestcon 😎❤️ THURSDAY: Sanji from One Piece
FRIDAY: Katsuki from Baku no Hero
SATURDAY: Reno from FF7
Pass by my table @sharinganq8 booth and say hi 😍 I will be selling some prints as well 🙈
See you guys there ❤️🙏🏻

“I'm just amazed we made it out alive!” - Prompto 🐥✨
Ph/edit: @alex_kie 📸
Special thanks to @spiderlili666 and @iraz_of_rivia for helping and assisting us in the photoshoot 🙏🏻🌹

⛩Meet and greet⛩
YAAAAY!! I can’t wait to see you guys @comfestcon on the 1st till the 3rd of March 😍 I will be @sharinganq8 booth 😍🙏🏻

새해 복 많이 받으세요~ Happy new year!! 💕🎊🎉

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