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Hullo and happy Monday !! It’s an exciting time of the year for us - bit like Xmas really - seeing what these little Greenhouse elves are pulling out of their studios after battening down the hatches for the past few months ! One of my fave elves @madeleine_stamer has brought her colourful A game to the table again ... her latest range is delicious ! Congrats mads xx
Styling @greenhouseinteriors assist @interiordesignstein @hallocameo pic @armellehabib
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Shot at @popandscott thx @b.ecsmith for sculptures

WELCOME to the GI fam @arthide and @amigosdehoy - your bohemian rhapsody 70’s inspired collection of wares are welcomed with open arms !!!! Check out the furry ‘fluffelbuster’ on the end of the bed too - who doesn’t love a giant furry tassel right ? The 70’s had it all - bring it back I say !!! You will love this new range folks - jump onto our site stat to check it out !! Styling @greenhouseinteriors @ncinteriors assist @lennox_rd_interiors @interiordesignstein pic @armellehabib
Tap for suppliers !! #style #greenhouseinteriors #styleinspo #launch

The cutest little gang of totems await new homes ... a steal from $250! Search artist/Lisa Lapointe / totems and don’t forget afterpay is kind to the cash poor x

Our first language at GI is COLOUR in all of its shades and combos .We are fluent . You’ll never find a shade of beige in our work as we don’t speak beige . We’d love to help you find your colour mojo and are offering home consults for the month of August . Let us help you find your colour happy place in your home ...drop us a line if keen . Meanwhile let’s admire the colours of GI’s artist @anna__colee who’s bold statement original artworks here add interest and depth to a space . We have new works up online today .
Styling @harlow_willow @greenhouseinteriors assist @interiordesignstein pic @armellehabib #style #styleinspo #colourinspo #greenhouseinteriors

I’m gonna need eyes in the back of my head tonight - we have our first big gathering at chez Green with 30 plus stinky hairy teenagers about to descend upon us ... May the force be with me where’s fricken yoda when I need him huh ?
The only green creatures I’ll be dealing with will be spewing 16 year olds . Petrified . On total bouncer duty scanning backpacks . I’m destined for instant popularity Meanwhile I’m transporting myself to this prettiness by @fleurwoodsart (Which happens to be avail ) on our site as a pure distraction from the shenanigans about to unfold . There will be Tomfoolery with a capital T. I know it . Tonight my parenting L plates are on ....advice welcome !!
Concepts @lennox_rd_interiors styling @greenhouseinteriors @lennox_rd_interiors assist @front2backstyling @rustygatedesign pic @armellehabib
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That time we shot @deanneanddarrenjolly house for a cover @insideoutmag ...can you hurry up and build another one plz Dea? Miss hanging out with you ....and it’s likely the only time we may see each other at this rate !! X
Interior design @deanneanddarrenjolly
Styling @greenhouseinteriors @deanneanddarrenjolly pic @armellehabib #styleinspo #colorinspo #style #greenhouseinteriors

This human disco ball is ready to talk all things colour and art on @skynews today at noon ... thx for the ‘do’ Bec need all the bloody help I can get xx
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Yep -we have more affordable original art than you can poke a stick at - this colourful creation is by the master of THE rainbow himself ...
He’s our version of ken done ..and we love him !
Have you discovered him yet ? Get in early is our hot tip ..Gotta love unearthing Aussie gems ! X
Styling @ncinteriors for @greenhouseinteriors Pic @mindicooke
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We can’t wait to head back here soon with our next fab group of travellers ...I’d like to say we will paint the town pink but I think the Moroccans kinda beat us to it ..!! If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em!! Coming for you @elfennmarrakech - not long now @jumbledonline !!
Oh and if you lust for colour in your own home but are afraid - let us hold your hand ! We have appointment slots for home interior consults up for grabs in August - book in !!! #everythingisgoodinmorocco

If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it said ‘beyonce’ ‘ If you like it then you shoulda pulled your credit card out’ said Julia Green

So much to see, love and get creative with on our colourful site right now ...all you need is time oh and cashola would be handy . But if your pocket potential is under threat go for afterpay .
Styling for BRAND new @bethemilykennedy artworks ! Tap to shop !
Concepts @harlow_willow Styling @greenhouseinteriors
@harlow_willow assist @interiordesignstein pic @armellehabib
Thx @sparkkstudio @designerrugs @sageandclare @globewest for loans !
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Partyyyyyy time ....!!!
We love launching our artists latest collections and today we are sharing not one but three !! If you subscribe to our site or stock with us in your store you will be the first to see it ..!!! This is a mere taste of the colour bomb about to explode into your inbox ...!!!!!
A hearty congrats to you and your magic paintbrushes @morgan_jamieson_artist ... ( pictured here ) what a legend !! Concepts @lennox_rd_interiors styling @lennox_rd_interiors @greenhouseinteriors assist @front2backstyling @rustygatedesign pic @armellehabib
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Thx @designschool_ for your venue xx

My life’s mantra through and through .....fortune favours the bold I’m convinced ! Don’t believe don’t receive same same
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